The real- REAL reason people are leaving the church.


I think I have read no less then 35 different blogs titled:

“The real reason people are leaving the church.”

There is even a rebuttal saying, “Because actually, they’re not.”

Even the famed Matt Walsh jumped on board this sinking ship.

But so many seem to be missing the point. While I don’t necessarily have an issue with their explanations and analysis for the supposed exodus, I do have a problem with the initial premise. You see the question they are answering is not a new question. About 15 years ago,in particular, people were asking the same question.

And the answer was this:

“We need to be more relevant! Hey, we’ll even start a magazine called ‘Relevant’ and that will help!” So the music got flashy, people church-hopped, and the pendulum swung.

Now, the question is being asked again.

But this time the answer is: “We need to be less relevant! Let’s go back to hymns, sacraments, liturgy and stuff and NO flashy music, this will bring them in.” (insert pendulum swinging the other way)

My problem with all this conjecturing is two fold.

First of all, I don’t buy the assertion that ‘Christians” are leaving the church.

Why? Well, because there is really no evidence that this is happening. In fact some would argue that it is not even theologically possible. The evidence presented to prove their point of mass exodus is that  the percentage of self-professed Christians has dropped from 78%-70%. But look. No Christian I have talked to has ever given any credence to that unrealistic original statistic.

It’s kind of a joke. A sad joke.

It usually goes like this:

“How are we still killing babies if 80% of the country is following Christ?” Oh, right. Because the statistic is false. People check the “Christian” box like it is a nationality instead of an actual commitment to following Christ.

Secondly,  since there is no actual proof true believers are leaving the church, I personally don’t think a decline in numbers is a bad thing. 

You see, after 28 years or so of constant growth, my church went through a definite decline when the pastor at the time had one of those “Moral failings.”  The weeks following the initial disclosure were filled with many emotions, not the least of which was fear. Driving home from running errands one night, I had a noteworthy moment of anxiety. I thought of my former pastor and feared for his soul. What if he doesn’t truly repent? What if he walks away from the church altogether? What if he is lost forever? Then I had an even greater fear of something much worse. What if he doesn’t walk away from the church, per se, but instead walks away from truth? What if he pulls a Rob Bell, and decides that he “humbly” realizes that he knows more than all of the church fathers before him, and truth is relative and “Love wins” and joins forces with…. Oprah! And what if he, with all his charisma and charm, leads thousands of people away?

It was there at that stop light, that I heard a voice in my spirit say these words:

 “It’s still too big.” 

What? I thought. My church ? What is too big? 

“You want the moral majority, but I have called you to the narrow road.”

My mind immediately went to the story of a scared Gideon as he prepared for battle, when the Lord reduced his army from thousands to hundreds. I realized at that moment that life was different now. Not just in our church, but in our country. And I knew that our church was being prepared for something more. Something greater.

Greater persecution. Greater affliction. Greater obstacles. A greater mission.

And before our church had been hit with tragedy, it was just too big. Possibly a bit of the “mile wide, inch deep” syndrome. Don’t misunderstand. Great ministry happened for years at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. Scripture was taught. Disciples were made. Pastors were sent out all over the country and beyond. Lives have been forever changed. However, this depth of faith was not a reality for the entire body. For some people it was entertainment. They were there for the show. And now that the main character was gone, they were leaving too. And that was a healthy decline.  But for those that stayed – there has been an awakening. A girding up of sorts. A unity towards the forwarding of the gospel. We have been reminded that we are on a battleship, not a cruise ship! When we look at those “Christian” statistics in America? They aren’t real. They are still too big. So you want to know why the church is or isn’t growing? Here’s the answer that I haven’t heard one person say.

…neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. (I Cor. 3:7-HSCB)

We have to look at a couple factors. Are we preaching the word? Yes.  Are we mentoring and disciplining? Yes.

Great. But remember, here’s the important part:

Only God gives the growth. So it doesn’t matter if you sing hymns with an organ, or praise songs with a tambourine (our worship leaders nightmare.)

God watches over His word to perform it. He has a story to tell. And He has already warned us in great detail where we are headed. But take heart! This is not a doom and gloom message. This is a Joshua 24 type call to action! Do not despair over numbers. Choose this day whom you will serve. Go and make disciples. This was and is our commission. Be bold and courageous. Do not be afraid. Be prepared to give an answer for your faith. Throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. Let us run with perseverance, the race marked out for us. Keeping our eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith!

7 Embarrasingly Failed Predictions of the Global Warming Movement.


Just for fun, I thought I would share some of my favorite Global- Warming   Climate Change, Global Climate Disruption predictions by some of the best and brightest! To be fair, I don’t blame them for being so inconveniently wrong. I’m pretty sure God is just messing with them!
Let’s jump right in with this gem from the very first Earth day in 1970.

1) “Population will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever small increases in food supplies we make. The death rate will increase until at least 100-200 million people per year will be starving to death during the next ten years.” Paul Elrich, famous Population freak out guy.

Spoiler alert: that didn’t happen.


Moving on, let’s jump from the 70’s to the 80’s. Who doesn’t like the 80’s?
In 1988 James Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for three dec­ades and one of the best “climatologists” in the world, gave us this doozy:

2) BY 2008  “The West Side Highway [which runs along the Hudson River] will be under water. And there will be tape across the windows across the street because of high winds. And the same birds won’t be there. The trees in the median strip will change…. There will be more police cars … [since] you know what happens to crime when the heat goes up.”

Having just visited NYC recently I would like to assure you that the West Side is not underwater. And the windows are tape free! Hooray!

3) Princeton professor and lead UN IPCC author Michael Oppenheimer,“chief scientist” for the Environmental Defense Fund proclaimed that by 1995 the “greenhouse effect” would be “desolating the heartlands of North America and Eurasia with horrific drought, causing crop failures and food riots.” By 1996, he added, the Platte River of Nebraska “would be dry, while a continent-wide black blizzard of prairie topsoil will stop traffic on interstates, strip paint from houses and shut down computers.”

His ending prediction is my favorite.

Drum-roll please……..

Things for us Americans would get soooooo bad (in 1996) that………

“Mexican police will round up illegal American migrants surging into Mexico seeking work as field hands.”

willy wonka

Of course he never owned up to his ridiculous predictions. In fact, he gave this hilariously false explanation:

“On the whole I would stand by these predictions — not predictions, sorry, scenarios — as having at least in a general way actually come true.”
For sure…..except opposite.

Now, lest I am accused of being outdated, I will jump to more current predictions.

4) In March 2000 “senior research scientist” David Viner, working at the time for the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia, told the U.K. Independent that within “a few years,” snowfall would become “a very rare and exciting event” in Britain.

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,”

he was quoted as claiming in the article, headlined “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.”

So obviously the very next year, snowfall across the United Kingdom increased by more than 50 percent. Because God is so funny, right?

5) In 2001, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) predicted that the planet would see “warmer winters and fewer cold spells, because of climate change.

See Boston? It’s totally fine!! I’m sure this winter will be the one when the snow doesn’t reach your roof tops.

And of course, who can talk about failed climate change predictions without mentioning the “Goracle.”

6) In 2008, Al Gore claimed this:“the entire North Polarized [sic] cap will disappear in five years.” “Five years, is the period of time during which it is now expected to disappear.”

Then in 2009, at a summit in Copenhagen, he said there was a “75% chance” they would be gone in 5-7 years.
So what actually happened?
The Arctic ice volume as of summer of 2013 had actually expanded more than 50 percent over 2012 levels.

In fact, during October 2013, sea-ice levels grew at the fastest pace since records began in 1979. Many experts now predict the ongoing expansion of Arctic ice to continue in the years to come.

So there’s that.

Ok, I could go on and on and on. But let’s draw to a close here.

On December 12, 2007, the British government-funded BBC ran this now-embarrassing article

7) “Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’.”

In this piece, (which is still online!!!!)  the BBC highlighted “modeling studies” that “indicate northern polar waters could be ice-free in summers within just 5-6 years.” Because their “experts” and “super computers” that they always use said so!

And once again…..

In fact the sea-ice area in the south is now at the highest point since records began.

Here’s my question:

How many times do they get to be embarrassingly wrong before its considered socially acceptable to… maybe… have a few doubts about their predictions??
The bottom line is this: As Christians we are supposed to be good stewards of the earth. That was God’s idea. The reality is, however, that the green agenda has very little to do with actually doing just that. The good news is that there is so much real information and truth out there to be found.

For real solutions instead of a political agenda, check out:

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9 facebook friends we all have!


I want to tell you about some of my facebook “friends” although I am pretty sure you already know them. They are likely in that “Mutual friends” box. See if you recognize them…..

1. The Vaccine Vixen- Ok I have 2 of these. One is adamantly for, and the other is adamantly against! But they are passionately seeking the truth, which makes me so glad.  I have “researched,” (whatever that means) and prayed and made choices, but I rest assured that if there is new information out there she will find it, she will post it on facebook, send out a group email, and fight against big pharma (or not). I am exhausted just thinking about all that!

2. The Organic Organizer- She knows all about organic food, raw milk and free roaming chickens. She buys beef by the cow, and posts recipes with ingredients I can’t pronounce. It used to intimidate me. I can’t afford that stuff right now. Maybe never. Or maybe I don’t have time or won’t make time, but this girl is getting the word out, and we are actually seeing positive food changes!

3. The Missionary Mentor-  She is fighting hard for the least of these, and for those that haven’t heard the gospel, and I am so proud of her. Her status updates make my complaints seem very small, which is kind of perfect.  I need that perspective more often than not.

4. The Political  Provoker- He fights against the political lunacy that surrounds us every day. His words are harsh at times, but the Bible does actually say that we should answer a fool according to his folly. It’s actually a type of math proof. Reductio Ad Absurdum. To prove something is true, you prove the opposite is false. Sometimes perceived as sarcasm.

5. The Culture Warrior- This “friend” is on the radio every day fighting the culture war. I am so glad she is taking up these battles for me. Her voice reaches a lot farther than mine. I imagine that she has lost some friends because of the public stand she has taken, and I am incredibly grateful for her sacrifice.

6. The Essential Oil Educator- Girlfriend is in love with oils. She has used them to cure just about everything and no longer has any over the counter products. I wish I had about 20 less laundry loads to do a week so I could learn more about the benefits of oils. But she has always been so generous to share with me what she has learned, even though I don’t go to her meetings.

7. The Workout Announcer- This friend posted her workouts for 60 days in a row. She is working hard to accomplish her goal, and ya know what? It inspired me, and I started posting my workouts too, and realized how motivating posting your accomplishments is!

8. The Devo Diva- When I saw that picture of her coffee cup and Bible, I realized I hadn’t done that yet. And it looked so good. I needed that. I needed the reminder of how good it is to sit for a moment at the feet of Jesus.

9. The Baby Biographer- The older generation always says to treasure every moment. And my friend does this well. Soak it in and remember. Babies are precious. Children are a gift. And sadly undervalued. Please fill my feed with sweet baby pictures every chance you get and remind me how fast it goes!

As different as all these friends are, they have one thing in common. They have chosen to follow Jesus. They defend His words. And they are each reaching different people groups.

I confess that I used to roll my eyes at some of these friends. Enough with the vaccines, food worship, political rantings, culture war fights, oil sales, working out and devo pics!

But here’s the thing. God has given us all different passions. And typically we can’t help but share them with everyone we know.

I am grateful for those fighting the battles that I am not fighting because somebody has to do it! Can you imagine one person taking up all of those causes?
It wouldn’t work.
Ya know what else doesn’t work? Belittling the passions of another.
Case and point. I remember reading one poverty focused blogger waxing wise about how a legal minded blogger needed to focus more time on the poor instead of our religious rights. She somehow missed the reality that the  legal blogger is actually fighting for the poverty bloggers right to keep fighting poverty…in Jesus name. So there’s that little bit of irony.

If I go on the politically passionate friends page, I will read people warning him that his fervor is turning people away from Christ. But I didn’t see Jesus worrying about that when He walked the earth. In fact it almost seemed like he tried to turn people away.

“Follow me” Jesus said.
“But I have to go bury my father”
“Let the dead bury their dead”


“What must I do to be saved?” someone asked.
“Give away every single one of your possessions.” Jesus answered.

Sounds reasonable.

See? Jesus was offensive and radical, and yet He didn’t seemed bothered that they walked away.

Here’s my point.
We, in the body of Christ need each other.

This passage of scripture in 1 Corinthians 12 brings it home. You may have read this a thousand times. But yet it seems like no remembers the truth expressed.

 The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” And the head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you!” 22 On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable, 23 and the parts that we think are less honorable we treat with special honor. And the parts that are unpresentable are treated with special modesty, 24 while our presentable parts need no special treatment. But God has put the body together, giving greater honor to the parts that lacked it, 25 so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other. 26 If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.
All too often in family settings when trouble hits, we turn against each other instead of turning to each other. Now is not the time for that. Now is the time to pray for each other, stand beside each other, support each other, in Christ, for His name’s sake, humbling serving the body of Christ.
I pray that we as Christians, followers of Christ, would do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, (Philippians 2:3) Because they will know we are Christians by our love for one another.


When will you ever use algebra? 

As a math person, there is a question that I get asked incessantly.
And it’s this:

When will you ever use Algebra???
Ah, thank you Mr. Dewey!
If you are old like me, then when I say Dewey, you think of an antiquated card filing system from the library.
Different Dewey.
The one of whom I speak is the one that ruined education and is the reason you ask me this question. No one would have asked this question back when Benjamin Franklin was writing the constitution.
What is the point of learning something? Really? Ugh.
Typically I give them a brilliant, well thought out, perfectly configured explanation and then I get this response……
So I hesitate to even write this blog. But in the spirit of education…..I must.
So back to Dewey.
John Dewey single-handedly destroyed the idea that becoming an educated contributing member of society was enough of a reason to learn something. I am pretty sure he was the first person to ask, “Is this going to be on the test??” (major simplification, but seriously pretty close)
Fine. So you want to be all utilitarian on me? I’ll humor you.
Why study Algebra?
1. It pays! The top 15 (yes FIFTEEN) highest-earning college degrees all have one thing in common — math skills. That’s according to a 2009 survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, which tracks college graduates’ job offers.
Check out how math compares with those other majors!!
Mathematics + 37.5%
Economics +33.5%
Chemistry +22.8%
Foreign Langs +5.1%
Poli. Sci. +4.9%
History +0.9%
Biology +0.8%
English +0%
Psychology -4.40%
And then there is this handy “job satisfaction” chart…..but who wants to be satisfied with their job? Clearly not surgeons (#156, yikes)
Mathematician 1
Actuary 2
Statistician 3
Biologist 4
Software Engineer 5
Economist 11
Physicist 13
Computer Programmer 18
Aerospace Engineer 33
Nuclear Engineer 41
Chemist 57
Electrical Engineer 62
Federal Judge 69
Civil Engineer 71
Mechanical Engineer 74
Attorney 82
Stockbroker 84
Senior Corporate Executive 88
Dentist 101
Surgeon 156


Why are we learning this?” you ask. How about so you can provide for your family? How about so you have a better chance at actually liking your job? Good enough reasons? Great! Are there other ways to provide for your family? Obviously yes. But when do we decide that? Second grade? Ok, you will be a realtor. No algebra for you. No. Of course not. Why limit yourself? Put in the hard work. Study like you mean it. And leave your options open. There are countless jobs that will look at your math success and be pretty impressed. Why? Because succeeding in math means that either you are pretty smart or you work really hard, or somewhere in between. Employers seem to like those qualities. There, algebra helped you.
2. Your brain needs algebra. While I will concede that you may not use “algebra” (insert Chris Farley air quotes here) in the sense that you are taking out a piece of paper and solving for x, every day, you are (hopefully) at the very least using algebra skills to make logical connections and solve problems daily. And just like any muscle….that part of your brain needs to be worked out. Would you ask a trainer at a gym “When am I ever going to need to do 50 lunges in my life?” 
No, that’s ridiculous. Of course you won’t be doing those exact movements. The point isn’t to be able to do lunges, the point is to work that muscle and get in optimum shape so that you can further your fitness goals and operate at peak physical capacity.
3. To know God and make Him known! If you are a Christian, then this alone is a reason to study math. God invented it, uses it, reveals Himself through it and on and on! Discoveries in math are so divinely designed that people once worshiped the creature rather than the creator and started worshiping numbers. On the other hand, I remember the first time I heard Chuck Missler, (mathematician/pastor) speak, it was as if I had heard the Bible in a way I never imagined possible. The marriage of mathematics and theology is nothing short of miraculous and beautiful! If you run from math, you will be missing out on knowing a part of God you can only learn about through studying that realm of His design. He is a math God people. Face it. 😉 When you study anything that He created and designed you will learn more about His principles and character and literally just be in awe! Oh yes, when you see how beautiful a proof comes together, you can’t deny the power of God! GP are you with me?
I can hear you now….
“Oh, so you think you are smarter/better/more logical than I am because you are good at math?”
Actually. Yes. That is exactly what I think.
What I mean is I just may be smarter than you in math.
And some of you are smarter/better/more knowledgeable in art/history/science/ or music. 
The reality is that learning is good for you. It makes you better. Period. Learn about something. Turn off the T.V. And pick up a book. Any book. Enrich your mind. Learn algebra. You will be better for it. Learn history. Lord knows someone needs to! Find out why the Crusades started for instance!  Learn about science. Real science. Not fake “It’s a baby if you want it to be” flat earther science. 
But for heaven’s sake, don’t ask a physical trainer, “When will I ever do lunges in real life?”
 And don’t ask a math teacher, “When will you ever use Algebra in real life.”
Because when you ask “Why did I need to learn algebra?” I would say, “Why not?” And for that matter why is no one asking “Why did I need to learn kickball?” or “Why did I need to memorize elements on the periodic table?” How many adults are using either of those skills on a daily basis?
Let’s get to the real issue.
Algebra can require a lot of practice, hard work, and firm foundation with facts.
So the real question is, “Why do I have to work hard when I don’t want to?” And this is what so many seem to struggle with these days. Why do I have to sacrifice my needs when I don’t want to? Why do I have to be kind when I don’t want to? Why do I have to humble myself when I don’t want to? Life is full of opportunities to work hard and show diligence in a challenging situation.
How will you respond?
Algebra teaches you to follow laws and absolute truths, even if you don’t fully understand them. Learning Algebra increases your ability to think logically and solve problems. This is proven. (see what I did there? Proof? Oh math humor!)
When people say, “I never use Algebra” what they are saying is:
I never find missing information.”
I never work through a problem logically”
I never follow rules and directions to complete a task.”
I never apply known information to find an unknown answer.”
Those are all skills sharpened and taught in algebra. For some people these skills come more naturally than others, but regardless of whether they are learned or not you are still using principles of algebra.
I know what else you are going to say:
“I am logical and smart, and I stink at algebra.”
 Ok. Let’s say that is true. 
I could say, “I am fit and in shape and I never do lunges.” Well, first of all, the premise may be debatable. Second of all, regardless of how smart or in shape I am, when you don’t exercise (brain or body) you will be less than what you could be.
This is just like when people say, “I don’t follow God, but I am a kind and loving person.”
The reality is that you are following the principles God has established whether you acknowledge Him or not. Similarly, you are applying the principles found in Algebra whether you acknowledge it or not.
So for this momentous occasion, this once in a life time “Pi Day” (3/14/15) that we are all celebrating……it is my one wish that people all over the world would stop asking the question… least for one day 🙂

Why I agree with Richard Dawkins.

Since Mr. Dawkins and I have such drasticly different views on life, purpose, and the universe as a whole, I decided agreeing with the man was a blog worthy event. Here’s the scenario. A woman tweeted Dawkins for some hypothetical advice should she ever become pregnant with a baby that has Downs Syndrome. His answer was straightforward and to the point, and completely consistent with his view of life. Check it out:
I admit, my initial response was mostly emotional. What a disgusting thing to say! I have friends that have children that are beautiful and happy and also have Down syndrome. I was furious for the pain that they endure, not because of their child, but because of idiotic comments like the one from the best and brightest the atheist world has to offer.
And while I am a woman and definitely an emotional being, I also love math and logic which is the real reason why I had a definite problem with Richard Dawkins comment. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am under no delusions that for one moment I could win a logic dance-off with RD, but his claim….it’s a mess!!

Let’s look at it:

“It would be immoral to bring it (a child with Down syndrome) into the world if you had a choice.”

He then goes on to explain that it is simply for the welfare of the child that he came to this conclusion. How generous.
So let me see if I can figure this out.
Children with Down Syndrome suffer.
Bringing a child into the world that will suffer is….. immoral.
Well Mr. Dawkins, I actually agree with half of your statement. Children with Down Syndrome suffer.That much is true.
You know how I know that? Because every human on the planet suffers.
However, do you know what other types of children suffer? And arguably more then a kid with DS?
Children of divorce.
You know what other group of children suffer?
Spoiled children of rich parents.
You know what other type of children suffer?
Child actors. They are a mess!! I wonder if there is a prenatal test for the genetic predisposition to go into acting? Then Richard D. could campaign their abortions too. I mean, all this poor, misunderstood, lover of humanity wants to do is end the suffering of children by killing them. Don’t be so hard on the guy!

Yes, children with Down Syndrome suffer, but hey Mr. Science and Reason guy, can you measure suffering? Because, if you can, wow, that’s impressive. What is the formula for that?

Yes there is no way to measure suffering, yet you are sure this one group of people are better off not existing because of their degree of suffering, right? All of them? They suffer so intensely that they would be better off non existent? None of them are ever happy, and sweet and actually the most unconditionally loving people you could ever meet? Yeah, just admit it. That comment was not only absurd, but also very un-sciency. Suffering. You can’t measure it. And yet even if you could, what algorithm, exactly, would you use to determine if ones suffering renders their existence a total mistake? Here’s an idea. Why not ask a grieving parent who lost their child, if they are suffering? Now ask them if they wish their child would never have been born…ya know…because then they could have avoided all that suffering. Here’s the thing.

Suffering does not equal lack of joy or purpose.

But now I am using all kinds of crazy words. Joy. Purpose. Sorry about that.

Ok, I know, it sounds like I don’t agree with Mr. Dawkins, and now you are frustrated with my misleading “bait and switch” title. But wait! I really do agree with him! Here is the quote with which I completely agree.

“What I was saying simply follows logically from the ordinary pro-choice stance that most of us, I presume, espouse.”

In other words, he is merely taking a pro-choice philosophy out to it’s logical conclusion.

Case and point:
If that unborn baby, that fetus, has no value, has no rights, is not a life,  then who cares what the reason is! Just abort it. Wrong gender? Abort it. Wrong timing? Abort it. Going to interfere with your modeling aspirations? Abort it. Going to have a chromosomal abnormality? Of course! No brainer.

As foolish and revolting as his initial comment was, this fact remains.

That comment flows perfectly and naturally from his evolutionary pro-choice stance.

So why, pray tell, is everyone so shocked? Why is there such outrage?

The reason is simple. Hardly anyone takes their pro-choice philosophy out to its logical conclusion.
They say things like, “It’s a baby if you want it to be.” (So scientific) Or  “yes, decapitating babies is gross, but who am I to tell a woman what to do with her body.” Huh?
No matter how obviously illogical these statements are, people  continue with these ridiculous arguments for abortion. because they must cling to their “freedom” whatever the cost. The cost in this case is logical inconsistency.

I have to admit, when I took to the twitterverse and saw all the magnificently dissenting opinions, I felt relief. Ahhhh!! People do have souls! Yay! The internet can still distinguish evil! Hooray! All is not lost! Yet my comfort was fleeting because I knew the truth. I sat there at my computer deflated.  Yes, the majority of tweeters are using their twitter handles to blast Dawkins and his morally depraved views, but does that really match popular opinion? Does it accurately reflect what happens statistically? Or is everyone just mad that he said it out loud? Are they feeling betrayed because he pulled the back the curtain on the truth of the pro-choice philosophy?

The internet is a liar.
Because if people were honest, there would have been no backlash. There would have been no blogs on Huffington Post making a joke out of the whole debacle. If people were honest, 90% of them would have “favorited” his comment. Because statistics tell us that most people agree with him. Yes, over 90% of women that get a down syndrome diagnosis will abort.

Yes Dawkins, you are right when you say that your comment flows perfectly from your world view. And I can imagine how shocked you were when you were attacked by the very people that are normally on your side. You will have to forgive them because they are just not smart enough to take your espoused views to their logical conclusions. And to you, I am truly thankful. I am thankful that you said it out loud. I am thankful that you exposed the pro-choice philosophy for all that it really is. Because of you, I know right now someone out there finally gets it.

So before I conclude, that person is the one with whom I need to talk. With all this media attention, all this talk of aborting babies because they had down syndrome, all the apparent outrage over taking the life of an innocent, there is someone else out there that may understand now what they didn’t realize then. You see, like many others,  we too were told that our first baby girl had all the markers for down syndrome. But we refused an amnio because we didn’t think knowing was worth the risk. Any baby from God deserved a chance at life. That was an easy decision for us. But I know that it is not an easy decision for all. I know that there are women and men, mothers and fathers that agonized over that same decision. I know that some decided to get the amnio, and in turn, due to complications, lost their baby, a baby that actually did not even have DS. I also know that others chose a drastically different route. They chose to end the life of their child. They believed the lie. They really thought they were doing the charitable thing. They were deceived by men “smarter” then them. Doctors. Midwives. Family members. All lied. And just like that a life was gone. This was a baby, with eyelashes and fingernails and smiles and toes. A baby that was brutally murdered. If that was you, if you made that choice, but now, thanks to Dawkins, you have seen the lies exposed for what they really are, you may feel so much pain that you think you will die. But I need you to know one thing. There is forgiveness at the cross. There is healing from the hand of God. You can find freedom and peace. I promise you. Yes, I am glad Dawkins said what he did. I agree that pro-choice philosophy logically leads one to his exact pitiful and nauseating comments. And I am thankful that he drew back the curtain for all to see the ugliness that comes with the pro-choice world view.But more than that I pray that those that were deceived, would find healing. And I pray that those that are in that valley of decision, would choose life.

Confessions of a Creationist: When the Bible doesn’t match science.

Confession time.
 The Bible’s account of creation does not always line up with Science.
 There. I said it. Now what?

Well because of this, some really smart men out there that consider themselves to be Christians, embrace evolution. Regularly, those Christian evolutionists repeat the same words heard in the garden, all those years ago….

“Did God really say….?

However, the reality that science does not always line up with scripture doesn’t bother me.
Wait, what??
That’s right.  And it shouldn’t bother you either. 

Here’s why.

1. Expecting our understanding of science and the Bible to line up in perfect harmony is ridiculous.

Read this carefully. If you are dismayed when science seems to contradict the Bible’s account of creation, how do you feel when “science” does not line up with the rest of the Bible?
Virgin birth?
Yup. Bible says it. But science? A baby born with no male donor? Not possible.
Healing with mud?
The Bible says Jesus did it. But I dare you to find a scientist with the research to back up this unprecedented claim.
Walking on Water?
Seriously, what man has ever replicated that? Not very sciency.
And rising from the dead?
3 days after dying?  And I mean dead.  Not, “Oh, we thought he was dead, but look, he’s alive and kicking in a body bag in the morgue.” I mean heart pierced-water- flowing out dead, but now alive.
Yes, there are some real problems in the Bible conforming to some apparent scientific data. But creation is definitely not the most egregious.

We need to remember this one crucial fact:

  The One that created the laws, has a way of making those laws fit what He declares to be true. It’s called a miracle.

2. God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.
That’s it. Bottom line.
 So saying things like, “Well, they are really smart, and they believe this” does not an argument make. For instance, a lot of these really smart thinkers will claim that they believe the Bible and evolution.  But once you dig deeper into their theology, it’s clear that they really don’t believe the greater part of the Bible. This brings us back to number one. They are producing theories to try to make the Bible line up with science, when God never asked them to do any such thing. Because, logically, if you are going to do that, wouldn’t you start with the resurrection? I mean, I hope that we can all agree that the resurrection is the most important event detailed in the Bible. So why then, don’t the Christian evolutionists try to tell us what actually happened at the tomb? Surely God didn’t mean that Jesus rose from the dead. We all know that doesn’t line up with science.
Listen, I am not saying to check your brain at the church door. In fact, please don’t! But when choosing what to believe, the Bible has to win. It is written by the one that is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. The problem with any apparent discrepancies is that science just hasn’t caught up with God yet. For instance, Revelations says that the whole world will see two prophets die. Ten years ago, one would have said, “Preposterous!” “Impossible!” How could the whole world see a single event at one time.  But now we know that 90% of the world can see any given event in minutes, seconds even. Time after time, predictions that we couldn’t possibly understand at the time have come true.
3. They know the truth but refuse to repent.
The reality is that some of these brilliant scientists actually know that some of what they are saying is a complete lie. The soldiers that knew that Jesus rose from the dead told the authorities that Jesus rose from the dead. And what did these authorities do when confronted with truth? Nothing. They covered it up. Or at least they tried. Sharing from the pulpit this past Easter, Franklin Graham highlighted this very fact. Those in authority knew the truth, but refused to repent, and determined to lead others astray. Sadly, this is true not only in science, but in everyday life. We grieve the heart of God and destroy the lives around us because even though we know the truth and know what we ought to do, we do not repent. We choose self. I pray that we, the body of Christ, would continue to battle against the powers of darkness on our knees, and in our hearts that we might see fruit in due season.

Yes, I will admit that the Bible doesn’t always line up with science.  Because frankly, it is above science. Like here:

And truth be told, evolution has the same problem.  However the major difference is that Creationists can rest on  “God said” which easily trumps “Darwin said” any day.

We walk by faith, not by sight, and without faith, it is impossible to please God. Study to show thyself approved, but remember that God’s Word is the ultimate authority and His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence. AMEN!! (2 Cor. 5:7, 2 Tim. 2:15, 2 Peter 1:3)

God predicted my future…..Does that count Bill Nye?

Wow! What a morning. And all this drama on “Clean Sheet Wednesday”? How would I get it all done? Rest assured, the sheets (and you all know there are a lot of them) are cleaned and back on the beds. Phew. But really, how was I ever going to reply to Peter So and So on facebook?? He was getting impatient! He waited 30 whole seconds on  before giving me the ol’ “A-HA! I knew you couldn’t answer!” Simmer down now Peter! I have beds to change!
After teaching, and cleaning, and lunching, and witnessing unprecedented activity on my blog good and bad, I had to go for a run. Clear my head. Pray for direction. This is what I wanted right? A platform to tell others about Jesus? But man, people are angry and mean. Look, I am a big girl, and have a knack for disregarding crazy and bitter. Nevertheless, angry people can wear on anyone. I don’t know if this is the road I want to go down. In fact from my very first post, (click here to read) you can see my struggle with God.
It started when I was a teenager and would enjoy explaining math problems to any that were confused around me. It went like this. They couldn’t understand it. I explained it. They were happy. It was then that I decided to become a math teacher, although I didn’t particularly like math. It was a bit much work for my taste. And that was in just in high school! Ha! I had no idea what I was in for pursuing a pure math degree along with teacher certification. Over and over I prayed for permission from God to drop out of my math major. Biblical counseling sounds like fun! This is too hard! But God refused. “I am not calling you into ministry because you don’t want to work hard,” he whispered into my soul. Fine. I trudged through. And I finished.

Then I taught in a public school where over and over I heard from students that I taught who used to hate math, but now loved it! Yes! This is what any good teacher strives for and lots can achieve. However it was not all sunshine and roses. It was also at this school where I learned another important lesson I can use today. Consider the source. After a particularly difficult lesson, a student known for being a regular consumer of marijuana, raised his hand and proclaimed, “I understood this last year when Mr. Hanley taught it, but I don’t understand the way you are teaching it.” Wow. The ultimate blow. The opposite of what every good teacher strives for. But this was Tony. So I was unfazed. “Tony,” I began, “do you think that maybe this was easier last year because you had more brain cells then?” And his response confirmed my theory. He looked around, laughed, and admitted “You might be right.” So there’s that. Consider the source.

And then there was last night. I was too tired to watch the debate, until I had to, but I definitely wasn’t going to write about it. I couldn’t. My brain was mush. It was three o’clock in the morning after my hardest day of the week. Fine. I would start writing, but there was no way I would finish. But I did. So for those that were so wholeheartedly offended by my less than perfect grammar, I had been up 24 hours. Give a girl a break. Although, truth be told, even on a good night of sleep, I would never ever claim to be a perfect writer. Ever. So if that is your thing, we should amicably part ways. I don’t see our relationship going anywhere.
So back to my run. I called a friend and downloaded, and she advised, and I hung up to pray some more. But for a faith having, God loving Christian, I have to admit I really wasn’t expecting an answer. I didn’t see anything God could show me that would give me peace one way or the other. Until he did. He reminded me of what we have been studying in Psalms that I did not relate to at all when I read it. In fact, in the blog, I either didn’t even mention said verses, or didn’t comment on them because I just couldn’t relate. Until today. But because I was storing them in my heart. They were there, today, when I needed them. You see, over the last 6 hours or so, because of a blog post I wrote here, I have been “yelled” at, mocked, called names, “laughed” at. And on and on.
Here are the previous studies:

Psalm 27: Wait!

Here are the verse I didn’t relate to before today:
Psalm 7:  O Lord my God, in You I put my trust;
Save me from all those who persecute me;
And deliver me,
2 Lest they tear me like a lion,
Rending mein pieces, while there is none to deliver.

3 O Lord my God, if I have done this:
If there is iniquity in my hands,
4 If I have repaid evil to him who was at peace with me,
Or have plundered my enemy without cause,
5 Let the enemy pursue me and overtake me;
Yes, let him trample my life to the earth,
And lay my honor in the dust. Selah

9 Oh, let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end,
But establish the just;
For the righteous God tests the hearts and minds.
10 My defense is of God,Who saves the upright in heart.

14 Behold, the wicked brings forth iniquity;
Yes, he conceives trouble and brings forth falsehood.
15 He made a pit and dug it out,
And has fallen into the ditch which he made.
trouble shall return upon his own head,
And his violent dealing shall come down on his own crown.
Psalm 27:

3 Though an army may encamp against me,
My heart shall not fear;
Though war may rise against me,
In this I
will beconfident.

4 One thing I have desired of the Lord,
That will I seek:
That I may dwell in the house of the
All the days of my life,
To behold the beauty of the
And to inquire in His temple.
5 For in the time of trouble
He shall hide me in His pavilion;
In the secret place of His tabernacle
He shall hide me;
He shall set me high upon a rock.

6 And now my head shall be lifted up above my enemies all around me;
Therefore I will offer sacrifices of joy in His tabernacle;
I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to the Lord.

Teach me Your way, O Lord,
And lead me in a smooth path, because of my enemies.
12 Do not deliver me to the will of my adversaries;
For false witnesses have risen against me,
And such as breathe out violence.
Today I am thankful for a God who sees the future. And longs to prepare us for it! And that, Dear Impatient Peter from facebook, is something of which I could never be convinced otherwise. And above all, I pray that you would find that too.