The Real Reasons Pro-lifers vote Pro-choice


I’m sure this list is not complete, so feel free to add more in the comments. But here are a few of the most common reasons (ahem..rationalizations) I have heard for voting so completely opposite to the Word of God all while claiming the name of Christ.

1. The president has very little influence concerning abortion.

On the one hand “pro-life” Democrats claim that the president has very little power when it comes to abortion. So abortion is a non issue. However, these same people also insist that if Trump gets into power he will destroy the known world. Which is it? Either the president is an impotent chess piece or he is an overlord with god-like powers. You can’t have it both ways. (Click here for Obama’s shameful legacy on abortion)  

Also, no one else in the real world believes this. Hence Planned Parenthood pouring cash into insuring Clinton makes it in office.

2. The abortion rate actually goes down with a pro abortion president.

With this reasoning we should all vote for people that believe the opposite of what we believe. Brilliant! Should we use this logic with all of our major life decisions?  No, because correlation does not equal causation. Data needs to be interpreted. For instance, persecution is well documented to spread the gospel. So should we purposefully vote for legislation that would persecute Christians with the hope of spreading the gospel? No. Just no. (Need more info on what’s really going on here? Click here)

3. Jesus never got involved in politics.

Jesus also never became a dentist. What on earth is your point?? Please, no more with this WDJD (What did Jesus do) business. He didn’t do a lot of things. But he did promise that we would do works even greater than he did. Maybe championing the cause of the unborn in the realm of politics is one of those works He spoke of. I think so.

4. I don’t base my vote on one singular issue.

FALSE. The truth is you don’t think abortion is the one issue  worth voting on. If the nominee declared that murder of the BORN should be legalized I guarantee that you would not have this same attitude. As a matter of fact, go ahead. Pick any horrendous act of evil and fill in the blank.

Legalizing child rape? Is that one issue you would vote against?

Reinstating slavery? Is that one issue you would vote against?

Murdering children in the womb? Meh. Clearly not your one issue. I get it.

5. You can’t legislate morality.

Maybe, but you can legislate consequences for people that act immorally. In fact we have actually legislated the punishment of people that kill unborn babies! The difference is those babies were killed by a layperson that will be imprisoned, not a professional baby killer that will be heralded.

6. Fetuses aren’t human.

Well, you got me there. For instance a dolphin fetus is not a human. However,  a human fetus is actually a human. (I’ll wait here while you look up the definition of fetus)

This issue isn’t whether or not a fetus is human. The issue is whether it is wanted by the mother or not.

Exhibit A: A pregnant woman is stabbed in the belly with a knife. The attacker will be charged with TWO counts of murder. Rightly so.

Exhibit B: A pregnant woman is stabbed in the belly with a needle full of poison. The doctor will be paid and lauded a hero. Shamefully so.

Science is not predicated on your wishes. Why do these people hate science?


In Conclusion, most issues in a campaign can be intellectually contested. When it comes to ending poverty, there can and should be debate. There is much to work through and understand. There is economics and statistics not to mention cause and effect. There is no clear choice on either side of the aisle.

When it comes to deciding foreign policy, again there are countless factors and issues that we can only strive to understand. There is no clear choice on either side of the aisle.

But when it comes to taking the life of an unborn child, there is no debate. It is sin. It is evil. And it cannot be accepted on any level. Listen Christians, unity is hard. Jesus prayed that we would be unified in John 17 clearly knowing this was going to be an issue. And if we cannot unify against this one singularly clear and present evil in our world, what hope is there? On the flip side, can you imagine what could happen if we did unify on this one issue. We need to go back to the beginning. If we can identify and verify the value of life at its most innocent and vulnerable stage, then that is something to build on. But when you destroy the very image of God in its infancy, where can you go from there?