39 Things I was Wrong About.


Today is my birthday. I am 39. I know your not supposed to tell your age as a woman, but I think that is ridiculous. Some ladies have told me that when I am older, I won’t feel the same way, but my sweet Sicilian friend is 98, and not only does she proudly tell her age, she even rounds up six months after her birthday!

My favorite thing about getting older is finding out all the things I was wrong about.  I know that sounds odd, but man, I was a really dumb teenager, and only a slightly less dumb 20 something, so being able to look back and see how wrong I was means I am learning something! And that is something to celebrate! Some are silly, borderline stupid. Some are heavy, and somewhat controversial. You may think I was right the first time, and worry that I am wrong now! But with no further ado, and in no particular order…here’s my 39.

  1. Big families do their kids a disservice by making the older take care of the younger ones. (My kids BEGGED to push the stroller, change a diaper, read a book, teach a lesson- not ALL the time, but caring for others is amazing!)
  2. You should be married for 4 years before having kids so you can save money. (Our honeymoon baby was the best decision we could have made. Zero doubt.)
  3. Having a dog is financially irresponsible. (The love we have experienced because of Gunner is priceless)
  4. I am a math person. (Because of our Homeschooling group, Classical Conversations,  I found out I am a learning person.)
  5. If you can survive diapers, the rest is a piece of cake! (Teen years are upon us, and the decisions with which we are daily confronted make diapers look like a cake walk)
  6. Anger and other negative feelings are sinful. (Be angry and sin not. Don’t push your feelings down trying to be spiritual. Deal with them.)
  7. Everyone should have a big family! (God’s plan for every family is different. If we didn’t have “only” children, who would become astronauts? Children are a blessing, yes, but what number is holy enough? Some say we have too many, some say we need more.)
  8. You shouldn’t pay for something you can do yourself (Sometimes sanity trumps frugality.)
  9. I will always be able to eat what I want and not gain weight because my mom is skinny. (Remember… I already told you I was a very stupid teenager. Sigh.)
  10. I can stay up late and be fine the next day. (I still regularly tell myself this.)
  11. If you reason well enough with people, they will see the error of their ways. (You can’t argue with crazy.)
  12. Math and science are more important than art. (Art and science go hand in hand.)
  13. Children that are properly disciplined at home will be able to sit at a desk for 6 hours a day and obey the teacher. (I had boys.)
  14. Medication is for the weak. (Medication is for the sick.)
  15. If you have enough faith, you will be healed. (Jesus healed those that admitted they were doubting and hasn’t healed people I know with massive amounts of faith.)
  16. Financial gain is a major sign of God’s blessing. (Some of God’s greatest servants lived in abject poverty.)
  17. Buying a new car is an investment. (Investments are supposed to appreciate, not depreciate.)
  18. If you have to fix a car, it’s cheaper to just buy a new one. (Someone should tell this to all the poor people driving and repairing old busted cars.)
  19. I could never be friends with that person. (This is how I felt towards most of the people I now consider my closest friends.)
  20. We have so much in common. (This is how I felt towards people that were quietly disagreeing with everything I said.)
  21. It’s better to have a lot of guy friends because girls are too much drama. ( I had my heart broken, and other times inadvertently led guys on.)
  22. Fostering is too hard on your “real” kids. (I know foster families. It’s hard, even excruciating, but the character it produces is like nothing else.)
  23. Forgiveness means everything is back to normal. (Forgiveness means I wish the best for you, and the best for us might be distance.)
  24. Talkative students need more discipline. (Talkative students need more opportunities to talk constructively.)
  25. I will home school so my bright children aren’t slowed down by slower students. (Not all of my children learn at the same speed, yet instead of being labeled, they are just learning.)
  26. Going to college is a must. (Serving God is our ultimate goal.)
  27. Worrying about gluten and sugar is neurotic. (Eliminating the two for 3 months drastically improved my health and showed me that limiting them is a necessity for me.)
  28. I would rather enjoy my life than stress about food. (Making healthier choices literally made me less stressed. No more sugar crashes and caffeine induced temper tantrums for me-or at least less!!)
  29. Organized people have less fun. (Some of my organized friends can squeeze more fun in because of how they organize it! I want to learn from them.)
  30. That person is such a great role model! (Before finding out their life was a lie.)
  31. It is God’s will that everyone gets healed. (It is God’s will that all be saved, sometimes that comes through illness.)
  32. People can learn from all of my good choices. (Portraying perfection causes other to feel discouraged.)
  33. I need to have it all together for God to use me. (Through my weakness, God shows Himself strong.)
  34. I should always share my opinion. (There is a time and a place. And I do not have to have an opinion on everything! I know what you’re thinking….yes, I am still working figuring out that time and place business! ;))
  35. My kids need me, so my husband can wait. (My husband needs me and I need him so we can be the best parents together.)
  36. If only you could see my heart, you would understand. ( My heart is deceitful and wicked, please look to my Savior instead.)
  37. I know what is best for others based on my experiences. (God’s ways are higher than mine, and everyone will answer to Him, not to me.)
  38. Talking things to death will make me feel better. (Let it gooooooo, let it goooooo)
  39. I know more than my parents. (nope. Not even close)

So there you have it. When I started writing this, I got stuck at 6 and started to think this was a really dumb idea. But now that I started, I could go on and on. But one fact on which I have never wavered was that God sent His Son Jesus to earth, fully God and fully man. He lived a perfect life. He died on the cross for our sins and rose again 3 days later so that we could be forgiven of every wrong we ever committed. His Word is true, trustworthy, and verifiable. And while my list of “wrongs” will continue until I breathe my last breath, the day I made Him Lord of my life, He made all my wrongs right. Here’s to 39 more years of learning!

Tell me something you were wrong about in the comments! But remember it’s my birthday, so if it’s gonna start a fight, maybe save it for tomorrow! (See #34) 😉








10 thoughts on “39 Things I was Wrong About.

  1. Happy Birthday Lauren!!! I am so glad I landed on your blog – it’s very inspiring! My list would go way beyond 39 wrong notions… good thing I’m older! Maybe for my birthday.. It certainly shows the grace and mercy of God to walk us through those times we are so sure we’re right!!


  2. Your wrong list was great and your right list even better! Here are a few of mine, you ready for some doozies?
    1. Worship is more heartfelt if done to contemporary music.
    2. God’s first language is probably English
    3. Marriage is meant to make me happy
    4. If I do a good job as a parent my kids will rise up and call me blessed
    5. I’m not a morning person so morning devotions aren’t an option for me.
    6. I will never be a runner because I hated running in high school
    7. You should remain close with someone who is in the midst of rebellion and rejection of God because of a long history or to “be supportive.”

    I’m sure there could be more but those are the first few that popped into my head!


  3. Happy Birthday Lauren. Wow! This “things I was wrong about” list is a great exercise. I think I’ll start one. I know it’s going to be long. All the more to be eternally grateful to the Lord for his amazing grace.


    1. numbers them. 13,14 ,27 + 29 are perfect for me I am still learning to tell myself these things especially today 13 and 14. Thanks so much for posting this I’m probably Learner also.

      And I so get the talking and talking thing you just have to let it go. if God’s word can’t convince somebody certainly I am not going to Convince Them.

      Happy Birthday! !


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