The Bold Decision Our Church is Making for the New Year.

financial peace


This New Year, our church has made a decision that many would question, disagree with, or downright object to. They have decided to suspend all the different small groups Bible studies and focus on one topic. And that one topic is the one topic that our church previously prided itself on talking very little about. Money.

The truth is that I, for one, could not be happier. I could go on and on about my happiness, but I will contain myself and just get to the point. (You’re welcome mom) 😉

Calvary Ft. Lauderdale and all of the campuses are doing a church wide study with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace.

As with any drastic decisions a church makes, I am sure this commitment will draw some curiosity and questions. So I thought I would comment on some that I have heard.

1) Shouldn’t we be helping families instead of talking about money?

To that I would say: Why not do both?

FPU helps every type of family:


According to “Examining the Relationship Between Financial Issues and Divorce,”  published in the Family Relations journal (v. 61, No. 4, Oct. 2012), financial disagreements were the strongest disagreement types to predict divorce for both men and women. Helping the church see money God’s way will save marriages at a supersonic rate.



What better way to prepare for a future mate then to be debt free with savings? My friend brought $50,000 into her marriage through investing on a teachers salary.


Single parent?

You will receive the guidance and support you need to succeed where society expects you to fail.

2) If money is the root of all types evil, then shouldn’t we avoid the topic in church?

Nope. According to the Bible, the LOVE of money is the root of all types of evil. Financial Peace teaches you to look at money as a tool not an idol. You will learn to give possessions their proper place. The ultimate goal is financial freedom so that you are free to give to a world in need.

3) I can’t afford the class.

Actually you can’t afford NOT to take the class. With the tools we garnered from FPU almost 10 years ago, our family paid off over 10,000 in the first year! And because of the philosophy we acquired, we were saved from the housing crisis and able to move from a townhouse to a house. (more on how in the next blog)

Personally, I am extremely excited that Dave Ramsay is coming to our church to kick it off on January 9th and 10th. For us, the timing is perfect. While our family still doesn’t use credit cards, and has no debt other than our mortgage, I was recently made woefully aware that I need a refresher. A couple weeks ago, I went to Office Depot and somehow got to talking to the cashier about how careful I had to be with what I purchased since I was paying with cash. The girl, about half my age, said, “oh, I only use cash, otherwise I buy more.” So there’s that. But since I am a little slow, the Lord gave me another lesson. A week later my debit card was compromised, and I had to use cash for a few days. When I got to the register at THE DOLLAR STORE I was humiliated to realize that I didn’t have enough money. It’s so easy to pile things in the cart without paying attention to the bottom line. And those extra dollars spent add up throughout the year.

Whether you are a wiz with your money or feel like a total failure, I guarantee the skills and philosophies taught in this life changing class will impact you in an eternal way and open your eyes to the freedom that God intends for us to have. Make the bold decision for a year of freedom! Sign up today!

If your life was changed by FPU, tell us how in the comments!


4 thoughts on “The Bold Decision Our Church is Making for the New Year.

  1. We did FPU before it was a University. More like when it was a Junior College. Great program, great life lessons. And because of it, our kids college educations are paid for (Florida Prepaid). My car might be as old as our marriage, but at least our marriage has lasted as long!


  2. Our church stopped all small groups and did only FPU as well. Dave Ramsey also came and it made a huge difference for so many people in our church. It wasn’t just about getting out of debt but saving marriages as well.


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