How to Survive the “Middle Days” of Homeschooling

With about 10 weeks or so of homeschooling under our belt, we are nearly 1/3 of the way through. That means we are thick in the “middle” of our homeschool year.
Remember the beginning? The beginning is so new!
New pencils.
New books. (Assuming you aren’t still trying to finish books from last year…it happens)
New check lists, ready to be filled in.
New Challenges!
But the middle is so middle.
Those pencils? Well, they are gone. All of them. And every time you fill up the pencil cup they disappear almost instantly.
Those new books? Maybe you’re doubting your curriculum choice. The thrill is gone. Or maybe the books are literally gone. Yes, when you announce that it’s time to get your math book out you are daily answered with ” I CAN’T FIND IT!!!”
And those check lists? Great for some, but for others, they can be a concrete reminder of how much you don’t get done each week, or how far behind you are now.
Life gets in the way. Unexpected doctors appointments, new activities, a last minute vacation, too much socializing, working outside the home, working inside the home, ministry, etc.
So what do we do in the middle? Here some things that are helping me.
Encourage yourself in the Word of God – This can be the first thing to go for me, sadly, but there is nothing that I need more. Keep praise music on Pandora. Send the kids outside, grab your Bible and soak in 10 minutes of vitamin D while you fill your soul. Call on the Lord all day long. “Help me Jesus!” is a prayer He promises to answer, so I say it often!

Reach out to a friend and ask for prayer/encouragement/accountability. I don’t know what I would do without my texting friends! Being at home can feel so isolating. Stay connected with friends, and be real. Ask for prayer. Ask for help. Being vulnerable is the quickest, more powerful way to deepen relationships. Try it today!

Hug your kids. If they are little get down to their level. Hug their necks. Big bear hugs. Breathe in deep and soak in the love. I know that moms can feel over touched sometimes, but a hug is like making time stop. It’s powerful and healing. Hugs are scientifically proven to make things better!

Give yourself grace. God’s Word tells us that His mercies are new every morning! And it’s morning somewhere. That doesn’t mean we don’t strive to walk faithfully, but never from shame. Deep breath, pick yourself up, and go for it again!

Do less home-schooling, And do more……..

library (3)
library (1)
Barnes and Nobles-schooling,
library (4) library (2)
Local Coffee Shop-schooling.
library (5)
Take time during the middle to do things that energize you, invigorate you, and fill your soul. Your list might look different then mine. Share it in the comments! What keeps you going in the middle? One thing I know for sure. We need each other. I am so encouraged by the ideas shared by others. Just don’t get stuck letting comparison get you down. If an idea works for you, great! If not, great-try something else!
Whenever I go for a run, the beginning and the end are typically way easier then the middle. The beginning is new, and your energy is high. And when you get to the end, your goal is in sight, and that can help you push through. But the middle. It’s just hard. You can doubt whether you can keep up this pace throughout the entire run. And maybe you can’t. Maybe you do need to slow down, or take a break. Or maybe you need to dig your heels in and keep going. But whatever you choose, know that you can do it! We have already accomplished so much! Let’s cheer each other on, and run with perseverance the race marked out for us, keeping our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith! Amen!