What Was Really True – Across the Ocean Blue.

columbus ship
Every homeschooling mom will agree that she gets as much of an education as her child. Never was this more true than last year when my daughter had to do a presentation on Queen Isabella of Spain. What I discovered truly shocked me to my core.

As a 17 year old princess, Isabella was destined to be married off to a fat, old, murderous, drunken ruler. Crying out to God, she prayed all night, and the poor old chap died en route to the wedding! After some time passed, she began corresponding with handsome, young, Prince Ferdinand, and eventually stole away in the middle of the night to marry him without any approval. So this was Queen Isabella: a bit of a renegade that didn’t always follow protocol.

Enter Columbus.
After being denied many times by other countries, he approached Isabella to fund his global endeavors, but alas, she had no money to share. Do you know why? Yeah, I didn’t either. But apparently they were fighting off Muslims (imagine that) who were trying to wipe out the “infidels” in all of Europe. Same story. Different day.

Finally Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand captured the Moorish stronghold freeing up some much needed cash to send Columbus on his mission. And what was the result? Far across the ocean, a nation was birthed, a nation that would be founded on the Christian principles that were quickly being forgotten and forsaken across the pond.

I am not a historian. This is true. I am just a mom studying history and making observations. And this is what I have observed. Since it’s inception, the Muslims have been violently trying to rid the world of “Infidels.”
Without stopping once.
From the beginning.
And still today.
There is absolutely no comparison to the brief period of the crusades, which were actually a desperate attempt to fight off the Muslims, despite what the President says.(Google is your friend) But I digress.
In the midst of multiple countries that were leaving their Judeo-Christian roots behind, not to mention being overtaken by Islam, God picked a flawed man, (Kind of what He always does) to pave a road across the ocean to a new land, to start over.

Currently, most of Europe is post Christian. They have already embraced the secular direction toward which we are headed. It’s almost like God was buying more time by starting a new Christian nation, far across the ocean, where we couldn’t be easily influenced by the fast forming anti-Christian propaganda, and where we would be safer from the constantly conquering Muslims.

It would appear that one of Queen Isabella’s advisers, Louis D Santagel, was somewhat prophetic in his proclamation when he declared that Columbus’ journey “could prove so great a service to God and the exaltation of His church.”

I have the distinct advantage of being forced to study history with my children. And to be honest, if it weren’t for that, I probably wouldn’t be. But as Christians, we truly do not have that option. We cannot just float along with the cultural tide as they re-write history, demonizing our faith, and changing the story line.

As Americans, with greater access to information, we have the amazing opportunity to look across the ocean and see the mess they have made by long ago forsaking a Biblical world view. With that knowledge we must make different choices. While there are debates and differing accounts of what happened with Columbus, this is not why I am writing. I am not even writing to persuade someone of a different belief or philosophy. I am writing to persuade those who actually do agree with me to speak up, to speak with your vote, and to speak with your actions. I am asking you to ask God what you can do that would “prove so great a service to God and the exaltation of His church.” Because every small choice, every bold move, every distinct decision, has eternal effects.

6 thoughts on “What Was Really True – Across the Ocean Blue.

  1. ShaZAMM! You are one step in front of me, Lady! The church’s biggest issue (I my humble opinion) might be that we want the name of Christ, but we deny His power, preferring to keep up with the Kardashians and Fantasy Football Leagues. As I was reading this, I was thinking, I got nothin’ much to give at this point in my life, save my kids…. but then comes the challenge to pray I might “prove so great a service to God and the exaltation of His church.” A challenge? Why, yes, I’m in! Game on, Chastain. I’m on the winning team-and it ain’t a fantasy one! Go, Fight, Win!


  2. Wow th at was awesome I didn’t know any of that but it sure makes sense history is always repeating itself and if we don’t do what we need to do God will just find someone else to do it so my prayer is that we call ourselves Christians would look to do God’s work in a way that he has gifted us and with boldness. thanks Lauren keep it up you’re such a blessing to so many.


  3. Mostly curious how many Muslims you actually know? Any friends who are Muslim, o Christian lady? Your history is a bit fanciful, as is your blatant prejudice.

    Guess you support genocide, with thoughts like that.
    How embarrassing (for you).

    Jesus doesn’t support this tripe. And when he called out to God the Father he said verbatim: ALLAH.



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