The Art of Running in the Wind.


After a couple weeks of not feeling so hot, I decided to go for a run. Ok, I didn’t so much “decide’ to run as much as I realized I couldn’t not run. Running is such a release for me, that when I don’t run for too long I almost explode out of the house. Today was one of those days. And since it is officially fall, I told myself that I could probably survive a lunch time run to the beach in Florida. I didn’t have high hopes, so you can imagine my surprise when about a mile into my run I looked down at my running app to find that I was running a full minute/mile faster than usual! Wow! I didn’t even feel awful. I wondered if I could keep up this speed for a record run. It was only 5 minutes later, however, that I had to sit down. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I hit a major wall. Resting helped a little, and I was tempted to finish the last ½ mile to the beach, but my logical side got the better of me. When I turned around and headed home I was hit with an overwhelming wind from the west. Running straight into this wind changed everything in an instant. Instead of feeling overheated I felt refreshed. Instead of feeling like I couldn’t go on, I was sure I could make it home. And instead of going fast, I was barely moving! But I didn’t care about my speed anymore. I realized that I needed to slow down because my body actually wasn’t capable of going on indefinitely at the speed at which the wind was artificially enabling me to go.

And I understood.

Oftentimes in life, God give us the ability to go beyond ourselves. Without realizing it, we be can begin to think that it is of our own doing, and we keep pushing forward with a pace that was never intended for the long haul. Until we can’t. And we have to stop, turn around, and face the wind. Feeling the power of the mighty wind in our face, we realize that it was never us. The wind was pushing us the whole time. We are always at the mercy of the wind.

Whether you have the wind at your back propelling you forward or whether you are facing the wind head on today, I pray that you would rest in the power of the Holy Spirit and trust His plan for your every moment. I pray that you would stop when the Lord says stop, rest when He says rest, and power forward when He says to go for it! Amen!

John 3:8
8 The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

3 thoughts on “The Art of Running in the Wind.

  1. Ponder this: When I ran a 5K two weeks ago for my brown belt test, I was accompanied by about a dozen runners including 2 teen age boys, also testing with me that weekend, and three black belts who had run this 5k and a 5 miler for their black belt test to boot. The teen boys left me in the dust. The wise, humble black belts kept my pace to encourage me. The black belts also WALKED the 5K while I puffed along. No, really. They walked. Like, chatted me up the whole time, WALKING, while I “ran.” So. Sad. But in their encouragement, I was reminded that the effort is more important than the pace. And I was reminded WHY I’m striving for a black belt. Because it’s not just a belt, or a boast. It’s a journey that leads to humility and wisdom. A compliment to my spiritual walk with the Lord. And in the end, those two speedy teens finished way before me, turned around, ran back to meet me, and said “We’re getting our belts together, we need to finish the run together.” Ah. There it is. Two young men with humility and wisdom in the making. And while I may still be the slowest in the pack, I press on toward the mark–the high calling–the finish line–the black belt–the water bottle. And the influence I hope to wield when others need a boost.


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