The Trick to the Best Summer Pizza Ever…reallly!!

My oven is broken.

But that is not the issue at hand.

The issue is that I keep forgetting that my oven is broken.

So I get my heart set on a yummy meal to cook in my oven. Then I assemble said meal, turn the oven on, and ……..nothing!

I would like to call it momnesia, and people would believe me. But the truth is remembering important things has never been my forte’. But that is a topic for another day.

Now what??  Food depression is real. And I was feeling it.

I love cooking and eating. I love being the mom because I get to eat whatever I want to make, and I really wanted french bread pizza. Not having pizza was just never an option.

We have great neighbors, so I asked if we could cook our pizza in their oven, but then the heavens opened up and I heard a voice from on high say.


So I obeyed.

And it was hands down the best pizza I may have ever eaten! The bottom was crispy and delish and the cheese, sauce and inside bread were just an amazing gooey combination of yum.

I consider Archimedes a kindred spirit. I tend to hyper focus on one thing to the demise of everything else around me.


When I “discover” something, I literally feel like running down the street (hopefully not naked) and yelling “EUREKA!!!!”
Hence the blog.

So here ya go. This is one of those cooking “Eureka” moments. Because I have found it!  I might never use the oven again for french bread pizza. This was a banner day!

It’s pizza.  So the recipe goes like this: bread, sauce, and cheese. We don’t really need measurements here do we? You can use jar sauce. Personally, we just take a can of crushed tomatoes and add a 1 tsp (or so) each of garlic salt, salt, sugar, pepper. I don’t know. My twelve year old does it. Just add to taste.

But here is the important part. Preheat BBQ and then keep it at a low to medium temp. You don’t want to burn the bottom before the cheese melts. I have faith in you. Another tricky part for me was removing them. The french bread wanted to flip right off my spatula! I burned my finger. You have been warned.

When the cheese melts, voila! You are done! Timing depends on the heat of the BBQ (remember low to medium) so just keep an eye out the first time.  Crispy yet gooey goodness! And you won’t heat up your house!


3 thoughts on “The Trick to the Best Summer Pizza Ever…reallly!!

  1. So I’m wondering if it works the same with Pate Choux or Creme Brulee… Probably not, but I’m willing to bring the dessert if your fire up that BBQ and invite us down. Just sayin’.


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