How to do everything better with less effort than you have ever exerted in your whole life!!

Whatever you struggle with, there is a blog post for you that will promise you progress and guarantee your growth with – get this- less work than you are already exerting and almost instantly!
How to have a cleaner house while doing less work.
How to get your children to obey with less effort.
How to eat healthier without spending more time or money.
And my favorite,
How to lose weight while eating more!
Lies!! They are sitting on a throne of lies!!
While there is truth to the old addage, “Work smarter- not harder” and there are definitely tips out there that can streamline your life and keep you moving forward, just about anything you want to do to improve your life, marriage, relationships, schedule, business, etc, is going to involve more work. That is just reality.
I have clicked on that “How to have your house cleaner with less work” blog post a thousand times from a thousand different bloggers thinking “This time, this will be the one with that special tip that will keep my house clean!” But they are all the same. Great tips. Nice information. More work.
Because it boils down to this.
Most things in life worth anything involve hard work.
Want a successful business? It’s going to be hard work.
Want to have a stronger marraige? It’s going to be hard work.
Want to keep a clean home? It is going to be hard work.
Want to eat healthier? It is going to be hard work.
Because all of the above involve sacrifices.
All of the above involve making difficult decisions.
All of the above involve dying to your own desires. And that. is. Hard.
But, fear not! I will deliver on my promise to make everything easier with less effort. Iam different than those other bloggers! Are you ready?
Expect the struggle.
That’s it. That one truth is what will really make everything easier for you in the long run.
Let me explain.
So many people come to me feeling defeated about homeschooling or parenting or relationships thinking they must be doing something wrong because it is SO HARD!! And my response is generally the same.
Most things worth doing are going to be hard.
However, ya know what makes those things even harder? Feeling like a failure because you are struggling!
Jesus never promised easy. In fact He warned us that in this life you will have many…..struggles…..
But, take heart, for He has overcome the world!
If you want something, and the Lord has called you to it, He will enable you to do it. But that doesn’t mean it will be easy or instanenous. Pray for perservence. Don’t be surprised by the struggle. Trust in the Lord’s plan and He will make your paths straight! Rest in Him because His presence there is fullness of joy. Keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith!

2 thoughts on “How to do everything better with less effort than you have ever exerted in your whole life!!

  1. You had me at clean house…..oh, wait, that was a trick! Well played, Chastain. Well played. I can testify that going back to work this week 3 months after my hospitalization and hearing everyone's drama (which was apparently so much more difficult than my own heart surgery and all), I have been driven to my knees. My “new struggle” is to keep the words of my mouth edifying and steer clear of gossip and criticism. Well, that, and keeping the pastries out of my mouth. Now THAT is hard work! ….His gentleness has made me great….


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