You Must See This Great News for the Prolife Movement! (Not so great for pro-abortion)

I have the best news!! However, I found it in a round about way. To stay as informed as I can, I like to read both sides, or more, of an issue. In so doing, I found an article by a panicked pro-abortion advocate, Haley Fox, citing statistics, and showing maps, to terrify a nation. But the maps had the exact opposite effect on me! They filled me with hope, and renewed motivation! I hope they will do the same for you. We are winning. And they are terrified! (NOTE: all the red cross outs are my additions to the maps…..They are my perspective, not the Illustrator: Lauren Wade)

You see, in the last two years, Texans have seen closures of half the abortion clinics in their state!  And with more court decisions on the horizon, it’s a real possibility that the state will lose half of what’s left! Hooray!! This would drop the number of clinics to 10! In the whole state of Texas!! (Still 10 too many, but that is progress people!!)

But here is the twisted part.  In places like Texas, the poor minorities and uninformed are actually targeted by “nonprofits” like Fund Texas Choice who offer to pay bus fare to encourage lower income moms to abort their babies. But anyone that knows anything about Planned Parenthood knows that this falls right in line with Margaret Sanger’s dream that all of the poor, especially minorities, would abort their babies! (Not exactly the dream Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about.)

This story of hope for the unborn isn’t limited to the Lone Star State. In the last four years, states all over the country have enacted a total of 231 abortion restrictions, the largest number enacted in any four-year period since the landmark case of Roe v. Wade, according to Elizabeth Nash, of the  Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion “think tank” with massaged statistics and a clear anti-life agenda
“It’s significant that we are seeing so many restrictions becoming law across the country, this isn’t just Texas,” said Nash. Let’s be clear. Nash is scared…. I am hopeful! Thank God!!
The good news is that more than half of the country is “supportive” or “extremely supportive” (my words) to the rights of the unborn.
Some of the victories include banning private insurance companies from covering the abortions, and restricting minors’ access to abortion without parental permission.Because, Duh!

In 2000, only 31 percent of women in the country lived in states that are trying to protect the unborn. By 2014, that number reached 57 percent! That is huge!! Check out the progress in the middle of the country! Way to go Middle America!!

According to the report, the ENTIRE SOUTH is “supportive” (my words) to the unborn.

There is some bad news though: In 2014, there were only 26 abortion restrictions enacted across the country in comparison to the 70 that passed into law the year before, the report states. Pro-abortion advocates even scored a few wins with four states adopting laws to promote abortion rights and access. Long story short: the pro-life movement has made immense progress, no thanks to this guy. (Obama tells Planned Parenthood “let’s go on the offensive”) but there is still a lot of work to be done!

Things are looking even better for 2015!! After Midterm elections, (thank you pro-life voters) there are 30 states where Republicans now control both legislative chambers. AND in 23 of those states, the governor will be Republican as well! All 50 states will be in session in 2015 as well, said Nash, and Congress is looking to revisit the “20-week ban,” which would ban abortions after 20 weeks since it is scientifically proven that they are caused excruciating pain. (Side note: anyone that votes no to this ban should never be allowed painkillers, or anesthesia again, because if a baby has to endure the pain of having it’s limbs torn off, well, I think you can suffer through that root canal.)

So, in other words, what Nash is saying, in no uncertain terms, is that the future of unborn babies lives is up to voters. Amen to that!

“Ultimately state legislators pay attention to their constituents, so it’s key for those who support abortion rights to make their views known to their legislators,” she said. “It really makes a difference.”

Those are their words!!! They know that it matters who you vote for! Everyone knows this! (well, everyone except a handful of really out-spoken trendy Christians bloggers, but don’t get me started.) If you don’t believe me still, here’s what one president did in 8 years. Bush.

The truth is we don’t get a lot of positive news on FOX or CNN. But this, this is powerful information! This is good news! We did this! Your vote matters. And they are scared. Election season is around the corner. And the anniversary of Roe V. Wade is now. (side note: ever wonder the real story behind that case?? Click Here) Don’t let this week pass you by without praying, fasting, and seeking how YOU can make a difference! Yes, you can and should do more than just vote pro-life. But don’t let anyone tell you that voting isn’t a big deal. Thanks Haley Fox, a contributor to a newsy type website, for sharing all the info! It was the best news I got all day!

4 thoughts on “You Must See This Great News for the Prolife Movement! (Not so great for pro-abortion)

  1. Lauren,
    You have a gift for making a point easy to understand and -well – logical. I had a disheartening conversation last night with someone I thought was “like minded” on basic issues. Turns out we are polar opposits on quite a few things. I see this person every Wednesday night because we volunteer together. How do you handle these situations?


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