Fire-less S’mores

There is nothing like getting away to the mountains. Cold temperatures, warm feelings, and s’mores. It’s all so picture perfect…

Unless it’s raining. And your fire is a flop.

Luckily, I am a s’more connoisseur, and don’t need a fire to make some toasty s’mores. I have told people this method before, and they didn’t know it! I cannot have that. People need s’mores whenever they want. I know this, and therefore have to share this foolproof happiness-guaranteed method. And no, do not even think about using a microwave. Just no.

All you need is an oven, two cookie sheets, and all the goodness of traditional s’mores ingredients.
Directions are as follows: Put the oven on broil. And go.

 Here is the trick. The marshmallows (why do we all pronounce this word marshmellows?)
must go on top. Then they get brown, and keep the chocolate from getting too much heat, and getting too melty. This is science people.

                                                                  Wait literally 30 seconds.

                                                                         Then this!

Now comes the important part! Pick up the marshmallow ……

             Next…. flop the marshmallow (I really do not approve of that spelling.) onto the chocolate…..not the other way around. I am not responsible for the sadness that occurs if you try to flop the chocolate onto the marshmallow. It will be chocolate wasted, and NOBODY wants that!


I don’t know why my children look like they are in pain when they are in heaven. Trust me. They were loving it.

Another option is to use a toaster oven. We do that when it’s just me and the hubs and a few dozen episodes of “Psych.” BUT-you have to watch it, and only put the chocolate in for a fraction of the time. As a master s’more maker, the chocolate makes or breaks the deal. Too melty and you barely taste it, too hard, and well, just forget it. Its like your eating a chocolate bar inside of a graham cracker. And while I will take chocolate in any form, I need my s’mores to be perfect. I just do.   So the toaster oven technique is more trial and error. But it is a trial worth enduring if it’s all you’ve got.

So there you have it. My New Years Resolution is officially to eat more s’mores!! Happy New Year!!

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