Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale……The Revolution Is Still On!

So you might have heard that our former pastor, Bob Coy, resigned 4 weeks ago.
 Four weeks ago.
 Tonight, when I heard how much time had passed, I thought two things.
“Wow, that went fast!”
 And also:
“That’s it? It has felt more like 4 years!”
Calvary is my home. I went to youth group, singles, missions trips, helped in youth ministry, nursery ministry, Bible studies, was married and dedicated all 5 babies there. I have so many memories. And many of those memories include Bob Coy. But a lot can happen in a month. Information starts to surface. Grieving gives way to growth, and reality begins to take root.
Which brings us to today.
Today was an epic day for me and my mom.
Here’s why. 🙂
Anyone who has attended Calvary for any length of time has asked themselves this one question. Who would succeed Bob if he retired/stepped down/ moved on? Because with a church so blessed to have powerful, scripture-infused sermons, one would be hard pressed to match that intensity. Until someone did. And it was that day, some time ago, while cooking our regular Sunday brunch for the fam, my mom and I came to the same conclusion in her kitchen. Doug Sauder could be that man.
I have thought of that day often in the last month. However, years ago, when we came to that conclusion, I have to say that I didn’t really know much about Pastor Doug, other than he preached the gospel with such intensity, such truth, and such conviction, that if the criteria went on sermons alone, this was our guy.
However, now I know better. Since that time, I, along with countless others, have witnessed Pastor Doug and his family walk out their faith in true conviction. The gospel isn’t something he simply preaches with power. It is something he and his family actually live out with such intentionality, that one can’t help but take notice.
So this is where it gets kind of cool. I remember that day- that sermon, so clearly. Yet whenever I thought about it, I kept thinking it was only a few years back. I didn’t remember the exact sermon title, until someone on Facebook, someone who was apparently as impacted as we were, referenced the title from that day. As soon as I saw those words in the comment stream it all came back.
“Is the Revolution still on?”
Yup, I thought. That’s it. That was the sermon. So with my investigatory skills, I started looking in the sermon archives to confirm. However after searching for a minute, I thought that maybe I had the wrong title because the only sermon with that title was from 2007. Surely it couldn’t have been that long ago. So I clicked on the link and started listening- and couldn’t stop.

Is the revolution still on?
Pastor Doug reminded us about John the Baptist. He was stuck in jail. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. John had baptized Jesus. He had seen him walk in power. What was going on? John had to know. He sent his disciples to ask Jesus…..Are you really the One? Because this should not be happening. Looking at his circumstances made John doubt what he knew to be true.
Can anyone relate?
I cannot tell you how many times this past month I have thought, “This should not be happening.” Whether it is in my church, in relationships around me, or in the news (hello!!) the fact is, we are headed into unprecedentedterritory, at an alarming rate.
Doubt creeps in. And we can start to wonder, Is the revolution still on??
Tonight our church announced that Pastor Doug will be our lead pastor. And what was the reaction? Standing ovation. Overwhelming support. Why? Because thousands have seen the fruit of God using Pastor Doug to further the kingdom, and we gladly welcome him as our pastor.
But before we turn this page, fellow Calvary Chapel attendees, we need to have a conversation.
You see, the rest of Doug’s 2007 sermon, tells us we are to be the revolutionaries. We are to usher in the kingdom. We. Not he. Not Bob, not Fidel, not Chet. But us. Through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is our church. Gone are the days where you go to church to be served. Now is the time to serve. It is time to stop focusing on the messenger and start listening to the message. Instead of asking “How was the sermon?” How about asking “What are you going to do about what you just learned?” because we are living in a time like no other. There is no longer a place for a casual Christian, because if you believe it, and speak it, you had better be ready to defend it.

This in a new time.

But take heart!  God is doing a new thing!
I am praying for Bob and Diane Coy and the children. And I am beyond grateful for the many years that they gave to our church.
But this one thing I know.
The Revolution is still on.
And I am more excited than I have ever been to be a part of this church. There is such a revival going on that you just cannot miss. Seriously, I thank God that I get to be a part of this.
Oh, and one more thing. Since I am a numbers nerd. I couldn’t help but think this was cool. That sermon preached 7 years ago, by Pastor Sauder, calling us to be revolutionaries?
The date was 05/06/07.
God is in control people. And He watches over His word to perform it! Jeremiah 1

8 thoughts on “Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale……The Revolution Is Still On!

  1. Lauren – every time I read one of your posts, I am in awe!! You are an amazingly smart and compassionate woman of God!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


  2. Mom, thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. I am so blessed to have a mother-in-law as supportive and wonderful as you! God is good! And I am in awe of how He orchestrates our lives for good, despite the fallen world we live in!


  3. Lauren keep writing you have such a gift.


  4. Thank you Gwenn. God is so faithful, especially when we feel inadequate!


  5. Well put it Lauren! For sure you are inspire by the Holy Spirit and I am thankful He uses you for His glory! Love you and keep it up girl 🙂


  6. Well stated Lauren. It is wonderful to see the body of Christ properly dealing with this difficult circumstance. This blog post will serve to encourage and to lead the body toward more maturity. Thanks.


  7. Thanks Paola! Love you too! We are so blessed that He let's us be his hands and his feet, even in such small ways!


  8. Thanks for your comment Pastor Gennarino! You always served as a great example at Calvary. God bless you!


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