Confessions of a Creationist: When the Bible doesn’t match science.

Confession time.
 The Bible’s account of creation does not always line up with Science.
 There. I said it. Now what?

Well because of this, some really smart men out there that consider themselves to be Christians, embrace evolution. Regularly, those Christian evolutionists repeat the same words heard in the garden, all those years ago….

“Did God really say….?

However, the reality that science does not always line up with scripture doesn’t bother me.
Wait, what??
That’s right.  And it shouldn’t bother you either. 

Here’s why.

1. Expecting our understanding of science and the Bible to line up in perfect harmony is ridiculous.

Read this carefully. If you are dismayed when science seems to contradict the Bible’s account of creation, how do you feel when “science” does not line up with the rest of the Bible?
Virgin birth?
Yup. Bible says it. But science? A baby born with no male donor? Not possible.
Healing with mud?
The Bible says Jesus did it. But I dare you to find a scientist with the research to back up this unprecedented claim.
Walking on Water?
Seriously, what man has ever replicated that? Not very sciency.
And rising from the dead?
3 days after dying?  And I mean dead.  Not, “Oh, we thought he was dead, but look, he’s alive and kicking in a body bag in the morgue.” I mean heart pierced-water- flowing out dead, but now alive.
Yes, there are some real problems in the Bible conforming to some apparent scientific data. But creation is definitely not the most egregious.

We need to remember this one crucial fact:

  The One that created the laws, has a way of making those laws fit what He declares to be true. It’s called a miracle.

2. God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.
That’s it. Bottom line.
 So saying things like, “Well, they are really smart, and they believe this” does not an argument make. For instance, a lot of these really smart thinkers will claim that they believe the Bible and evolution.  But once you dig deeper into their theology, it’s clear that they really don’t believe the greater part of the Bible. This brings us back to number one. They are producing theories to try to make the Bible line up with science, when God never asked them to do any such thing. Because, logically, if you are going to do that, wouldn’t you start with the resurrection? I mean, I hope that we can all agree that the resurrection is the most important event detailed in the Bible. So why then, don’t the Christian evolutionists try to tell us what actually happened at the tomb? Surely God didn’t mean that Jesus rose from the dead. We all know that doesn’t line up with science.
Listen, I am not saying to check your brain at the church door. In fact, please don’t! But when choosing what to believe, the Bible has to win. It is written by the one that is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. The problem with any apparent discrepancies is that science just hasn’t caught up with God yet. For instance, Revelations says that the whole world will see two prophets die. Ten years ago, one would have said, “Preposterous!” “Impossible!” How could the whole world see a single event at one time.  But now we know that 90% of the world can see any given event in minutes, seconds even. Time after time, predictions that we couldn’t possibly understand at the time have come true.
3. They know the truth but refuse to repent.
The reality is that some of these brilliant scientists actually know that some of what they are saying is a complete lie. The soldiers that knew that Jesus rose from the dead told the authorities that Jesus rose from the dead. And what did these authorities do when confronted with truth? Nothing. They covered it up. Or at least they tried. Sharing from the pulpit this past Easter, Franklin Graham highlighted this very fact. Those in authority knew the truth, but refused to repent, and determined to lead others astray. Sadly, this is true not only in science, but in everyday life. We grieve the heart of God and destroy the lives around us because even though we know the truth and know what we ought to do, we do not repent. We choose self. I pray that we, the body of Christ, would continue to battle against the powers of darkness on our knees, and in our hearts that we might see fruit in due season.

Yes, I will admit that the Bible doesn’t always line up with science.  Because frankly, it is above science. Like here:

And truth be told, evolution has the same problem.  However the major difference is that Creationists can rest on  “God said” which easily trumps “Darwin said” any day.

We walk by faith, not by sight, and without faith, it is impossible to please God. Study to show thyself approved, but remember that God’s Word is the ultimate authority and His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence. AMEN!! (2 Cor. 5:7, 2 Tim. 2:15, 2 Peter 1:3)

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