One thing I learned from Bob Coy.

With so many new visitors on my site, I wanted to say hi 🙂 and share with you why this blog is here.
I started this blog, like most,  as an outlet for my opinions, a place for my point of view. I started blogging in August of last year tackling different topics. That in and of itself was terrifying. Then in November, I felt the Lord nudging me to start logging my personal Bible study for accountability on the blog as I work through the Bible chronologically.
You see, one thing that has been imparted to me throughout my decades at Calvary, has been the need and love for reading through and studying scripture. I loved listening to Bob Coy teach. But contrary to popular (and condescending) opinion, it was not for his jokes.  Let’s be honest. After 20+ years, I have just about heard all of his jokes. And when he tells that one liner again for the millionth time, I would normally just smile and roll my eyes like I do with some of my dad’s jokes. The real reason I loved listening to BC teach is that he dedicated so much time behind the pulpit to actually reading the scriptures. So many preachers start with a verse, and then talk about that verse for 45 minutes. But the real life changing power of preaching is in presenting the scripture- and lots of it. (I also developed a love for alliterations under this guy! Can you tell??) But how, you may ask, could God use a man that was living in sin for whatever length of time? The answer is simple. God can use anybody or anything, like a donkey, the stars, a rock. Anything! That truth goes for you too, by the way. So the next time you feel particularly proud of yourself for being “used” just consider the company with which you keep.
Since having started this online devo blogging, I have learned so much. The process of really searching out the scriptures to discover more about God’s character and then expressing it in words has been incredibly edifying and educational for me. It has also deepened my appetite and awareness for how desperately I need that time in God’s word! Feeling anxious? Get in the word. Feeling sad? Get in the word. Feeling blessed? Get in the word. And really, get in it! Meditating on it all day, remembering the lessons extracted from the living breathing Word of God that morning, that is powerful.
Our Father longs to comfort us through His promises, teach us through His commandments, encourage us through His exhortations. But friends, we have to read it. And not only read it. Search it. Hold on to it. Meditate on it. Share it. Here’s why. 😉

 the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Hebrews 4:12

But know this.  I am not a professional blogger, writer, theologian, or grammar specialist. So adjust your expectations accordingly. 🙂 Nevertheless, I do consider myself an apologist because this:
noun: apologist; plural noun: apologists
  1. 1.
    a person who offers an argument in defense of something controversial.
Defender, supporter, upholder, advocate, proponent, exponent, champion, campaigner:
Oh, and for fun look at the antonym given : critic……Ouch.
I would love to have you join me on this study through God’s word and life in general. Each section of scripture is so full, and I am not doing a verse by verse exposition. So there will be other elements of God’s character or lesson to be learned from each passage that I don’t cover. In the comment section tell me what you saw, or if you can relate with what I saw, tell me how.

 I am so grateful to those of you that have “held me accountable” thus far even by simply reading through the devo posts. Just knowing you are there reminds me to keep going. And if we have learned nothing from these past 2 weeks, I hope we have learned the importance of accountability.

9 thoughts on “One thing I learned from Bob Coy.

  1. So good Lauren. I couldn't agree more about the gift that we were given through Pastor Bob's teachings. Thank you for the reminder that God can use anyone to fulfill His purpose. Was just in that verse from Hebrews this morning-I certainly need the Word of God to reveal my condition on a daily basis. He is faithful.


  2. Tracey Stabielli

    I agree wholeheartedly with you, Lauren. You put my feelings into words. Thank you!!


  3. That's so cool Robyn. I love that God is so faithful to teach us His word through so many avenues!


  4. Only God's living and beathing word gives us strength for each and every day! Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!


  5. Hi Lauren,
    I am glad I found your blog. I was looking for something more about Bob and Diane Coy. I attended Calvary Chapel in the mid to late 90's and was highly impacted by Bob and Diane's teachings. I moved to Charleston, SC in 1998. I have no connections in Florida any more and I Just found out about Bob about 2 weeks ago. I was floored and deeply saddened. I found myself crying for Diane more than once in the last week. I feel such deep grief for her. I would love to write to her. I heard her say that she has read the Bible cover to cover 20 times in the last 20 years. God knew that she was going to suffer this great loss and he prepared her and equipped her with His living word. I have no doubt that she is covered and has the peace which transcends all understanding because God brought her to this place very well prepared. He did not want this to happen, however I know that he loves Diane so much that he did not want her to suffer any more than was absolutely necessary. His words are etched in her heart. She will never forget who her God is and he will never leave or forsake her. I am convinced she is the apple of His eye. She is a wonderful woman of God and I my heart is breaking for her. I am so sorry that she has to endure this intense suffering. She is steeped in the Word. She knows who God is. She is drawing closer to Him. I pray that God will give her a ministry and she will again be a big part of His kingdom here on Earth. I never met her face to face, however I attended a Bible study that she did on Psalm 23. It was very good and that was over 20 years ago. I know she has grown exponentially since then. She was a blessing to me from afar. I pray God is holding her in his arms right now and always.
    Thanks for listening
    Kathy Parler.


  6. Kathy,
    Thank you for your comment, and for your sweet thoughts and prayers about Diane Coy. She was a blessing to me and my family as well. I so appreciated her apparent dedication to her family especially when the kids were little. She worked hard to keep her family as a priority and in doing, set such a great example. Many of us that were so greatly impacted by their ministry, have also experienced a period of mourning like you mentioned for what has been lost. It has been a very difficult season, but there has also been tremendous growth and our church has seen many beautiful outpourings of grace through it all. Thanks for your comment! God bless you!


  7. […] You see our church is our family. It’s not just a building. We loved our pastor because he taught us the Bible well for over two decades, not just because he was funny. So this moment affected us deeply. […]


  8. […] You see our church is our family. It’s not just a building. We loved our pastor because he taught us the Bible well for over two decades, not just because he was funny. So this moment affected us deeply. […]


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