Secrets of a Mega Church From an Insider.

With so many articles and blogs showing up exposing the dangers of “Mega Churches,”  I felt compelled to finally come out with all of the secrets that I possessed. You see, I have gone to Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale for over 20 years. Who better to show the hidden world of the …..dun dun dun……MEGA CHURCH…then me. I have even obtained video footage!! You won’t believe your eyes!

Did you know that my mega church  ministers to those with special needs? Every week! Volunteers come and serve weekly just to give the parents a break???? How dare they! Watch this video and see if you aren’t outraged! (sarcasm intended)

Not only that, but some other people at that church dared to start an amazing radio station that doesn’t just play the same top ten Christian songs on regular rotation! This mega  radio station uses worship songs and gospel messages to uplift and encourage the community! Outrageous. And if that isn’t bad enough, a listener of this radio station named Miguel heard the need of a caller on an afternoon radio show, and Miguel actually tracked this man down to meet his need!!!! WHA????? Yes, it’s despicable, I know. (Watch this only if you would like to cry like a baby)

And then one day Christians from that mega church opened a school where the gospel is taught daily, hourly even! So reckless. All that gospel has resulted in serious transformations. Exhibit A: This student published an incredible, unbelievable children’s book and gave the money to help orphans! Orphans!  What are they teaching them at that mega school!!! (Watch this only if you want to be really really proud of the ministry of Calvary Christian Academy)

As if all of that wasn’t enough, they began a foster kids program, and those people that go to that church? They take in children. Over 17,000 kids have been helped in the last 15 years. Psh. Figures right???

  Thumbnail Watch Later

And lastly, the attendees would bring their friends to this church for these mega Christmas and Easter services. Then that mega pastor, who thought he was so funny,  would preach the Word, the uncompromising Word of God, and his hilarity brought clarity. People let their guards down, and God’s Word did not return void.The evidence is right here. This Muslim couple was invited by a friend, and frankly, you won’t believe what happened next. You just have to watch. Ugh. So typical!

So there you have it folks. I told you it was shocking. However, if you are like me, maybe you didn’t even watch any of the videos, you just read to the end. But seriously, you have to watch these videos. At least one. Any one. They will all leave you feeling the exact same way.

But wait there’s more!

I couldn’t upload all of the video footage, so if you click here, you can watch the story of a woman with panic attacks that found peace and now helps others, a drug addict now clean, a suicidal woman stopped in her tracks and now living in victory, a Liberian child soldier that was adopted by one of our pastors. Yes you will find story after story of lives changed by the power of the gospel.

But that’s not even the half of it. There are more. There are thousands and thousands of people whose story has not been captured in video form. If you are one of those people, like me, whose life has been forever been changed through the power of God working through the people at this mega church, than for the love of all that’s good and right…..start telling people! We have to get the word out. God is good, and we have been blessed. Don’t keep it to yourself. Ready……set…go! And make disciples!

(P.S. I am in no way insinuating that my church or pastor were perfect in anyway. Far from it. Obviously. But I am just tired of all the negativity from all the Monday morning arm chair quarterbacks. So if you would like to comment on all the pitfalls of a mega church, then find a different blog. There are hundreds of them.)

Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

13 thoughts on “Secrets of a Mega Church From an Insider.

  1. Ugh! How dare they! Thank you for bringing light to this. Preaching the Gospel, making disciples, finding homes for orphans, loving their neighbor?? The NERVE!


  2. Seriously, you better share this with your peeps while there is still time!!! xoxox


  3. Thanks for reading friend!


  4. preach it! this should be on the news 🙂


  5. I agree Shanti! What if the news had a daily or weekly segment showing what our church is really doing! We have the videos all ready to go!


  6. Thanks for putting this together Lauren. The videos are just a smidgen of the impact God is having on South Florida through the Church body at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale. I had not seen several of these videos before- yes I looked at everyone of them. Thanks for putting them together for us to see. I'm grateful for your family and the way God is using you and Paul to impact our lives. God's Blessings and Peace to you and your household.


  7. Tracey Stabielli

    I am so touched. Thank you for all of your effort and love to put this together. The timing couldn't be better. I hope it's OK for me to share with others. Until the whole world hears……….


  8. Yes, please share! God is glorified when the body of Christ serves in unity! Lets get this viral! This is the church!


  9. Thank you for you're sweet words. God is so good.


  10. Well done Lauren! The Holy Spirit is truly at work in all of this. In a world of unrelenting change I have been well advised to remember God never changes…I find the stability I yearn for in Him & Him alone. Your words & the videos are a powerful reminder of what our God can do!!


  11. Thanks, this is great! Plus even more stuff this great church does for the community – the single parents ministry is awesome! Not to mention sports ministry, missions trips, prison ministry and community outreach events. Not all churches go all out like this one. I've been to five of the campuses and they all are doing a fabulous job of serving the Lord!!


  12. […] misunderstand. Great ministry happened for years at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. Scripture was taught. Disciples were made. Pastors were sent out all over the country and beyond. […]


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