I’m not missing you at all.

This week was the last meeting of the year for our Classical Conversations Home school group, and if I am going to be totally honest, there are a few moms there that I am just not going to miss during the break. But for the sake of time, I will just mention one.
Her name is Eunice. Eunice and I are total opposites in so many ways. She says things like “when we finished all our school work before noon,” or “when I was writing lesson plans” and “when I finished cleaning,” …..all things I have never said. She has three boys about the ages of my three girls. Her southern charm and blond hair stand in stark contrast to my fast talking brunette self.  Then something happened. I couldn’t tell you exactly why it started, but all of a sudden she became the go-to recipient of my weekly, “Hey, I am running late” text on Tuesday morning, to which she would reply with grace and and smiley face 🙂 She was the one who laughed at my silly comments at our Tutor meetings when I thought no one was paying attention. Yes, before I knew it, or could have predicted it, we were friends. I felt understood by her, and I began learning from her.  I decided I want to be more like her when I grew up. Parting for the summer can be sad with this type of friend, but on that last day, she tried to make me feel better by letting me know that she had a feeling…… she wouldn’t miss me. Did you read that? Yup, She said every word of it. Not the sweet southern charm to which I had become accustomed. “Wait, that came out wrong,” she said. “I mean, I have a feeling I am still going to see you, so I won’t miss you.” Oh, ok. Yes. That’s better. We fumbled through some get together ideas, until I finally invited myself, with children, over to her house to swim. Satisfied, we hugged and parted ways.
It was then that I determined that I was going to not miss some other ladies from my wonderful group of Tuesday Family Friends. Life is so busy with stuff. But this summer, I want it to be busy with friends. Old and new. Intentionally. Normally, I am the queen of the last minute invite. “Heading to the park, are you free?” is my modus operandi.  Even though it is hit or miss, at this stage of life, it is usually all I feel capable of coordinating while swimming upstream in a sea of laundry and dishes.
I have often just shook my head when hearing of other hyper planners that do things like….arrange things ahead of time! Planning is something my mother does. I mean, if I have to, I will plan things, but it is painful. Some people love to plan, like my first born daughter. Imagine that. But it is not in my nature, for a number of reasons, not the least being, I am the baby of the family. The end.
But not this summer. Look out. I am tired of saying “We should get together” and knowing almost instantly that it won’t happen. I am going to start hunting some of you down and penciling you in. You have been warned, especially if you have a pool. 🙂 And when we get together, I want to know more about you. I want to know how you found Jesus. And how you met your husband. And what was your major. Why did you chose that? What do you want to be doing when your kids are grown? I want to know more about all these beautiful faces that I see in the hallway, once a week. I want to know what we can learn from each other. I want know what you have learned about the character of God in your life.
Let’s go deeper this summer, building relationships, sharing life, sharing prayer requests, and making memories,   all the while allowing ourselves to see a person beyond preconceived ideas and superficial differences.
What are some ideas you have for getting together so you can not miss your friends when your school year is over? Share in the comments!

18 thoughts on “I’m not missing you at all.

  1. Well said!! Come on over…I am still in my pjs, maybe between your kids and mine we can get my house and laundry cleaned in a jiffy….and maybe we can have time left over to go to the beach! 😉 hehehe


  2. Man, this message makes me miss you even more. You'll need to pencil me in for a phone date (which is even HARDER than a physical date)…. but we can do it! Because I do miss you! A lot!


  3. Well said…come on over…i am still in my pjs. Maybe between your kids and mine we can get my house and laundry cleaned in a jiffy and still have time to go to the beach!! 😉 hehehehe!!!


  4. I have a pool!!!!! A BIG BIG pool!!! I'm always happy to share how Jesus has worked in my life and my marriage! Love you lots, Lauren!

    Suzy B.


  5. That's so true how Eunice is so neat. I loved her CC PLANNING book, weekly organized. It is a beauty. She too is beautiful inside and out. And even though you may not be a planner kid of girl, you sure are beautiful too, inside and out. and you have an amazing family, and you keep life fun for them. I hope I don't get to miss you too


  6. Of course I love this!! Especially because I am the fortunate recipient of the last minute invites :).
    I love doing deep, so let's do it (haha, we're already there….but let's keep it up)


  7. So sweet Lauren! Now, I'm resolved… laundry & cleaning move over— hello fellowship & fun 🙂
    There's a GREAT pool here AND 2 cute & friendly kids come with it 🙂
    Everyone's invited, just let me know when. Also, I'm excited about starting to plan a “family ballroom” class for the summer. Be looking out for that… because, seriously– Ballroom dancing is elegance, fun, exercise, and classical training all rolled in one! Okay, I'm officially ready for summer and now, strangely, I will find myself humming this tune for the rest of the day…


  8. Love this post – as well as all the comments. You have some truly awesome friends, Lauren, and I know it's because you're a wonderful friend yourself. Sounds like a fun-filled summer coming up!


  9. Hooray!! Watch out Robyn, I know where you live now!! And YES YES YES!! to the Family Ballroom dancing lessons!!! Paul and I were just saying we wanted to get back into that! And thanks for the link! I am not surprised that you picked up on my song title! I am glad God put you in my life. I have loved discovering all of our similar passions to which I can now add sappy 80's love songs!! hahaha!


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