I Samuel 20- The Waiting Game


Read I Samuel 20

David has chosen faith over feelings in the last chapter, continuing to serve Saul through treacherous conditions, but there came a time where he knew it was time to re-evaluate. So he plans with Jonathon to find out the state of Saul’s intentions for David and finds out that as suspected, Saul is intent on killing him. David knows now that he must continue to walk in faith, which in this case means leaving, and beginning a life on the run.

David is waiting. Just like us. Everyone is waiting. Some people are waiting to own there own home. Some people are waiting to get out of debt, or get a job, or get pregnant, or get married, or get healthy,  or get a test result,  or get a promotion, or get over it! Just about every single person on this planet is waiting.

We  have the advantage of seeing David’s whole story. There is no tension reading this chapter, because we know that ending. We know that what God promised is going to be fulfilled. So what about us? We also know that this is true for our own lives. We know that God’s plans will not be thwarted, and that He watches over His word to perform it! And that His plans are better than we could ask think or imagine. But the doubt creeps in.
Did God really say?
 Satan has been using this line for thousands of years because the waiting can be unbearably confusing.

I remember when I was in college, and I had a crush on a boy. And I prayed, “God, just show me if he is for me!” (spoiler alert: he wasn’t!!)
“Why?” I heard God say in my heart. “What if he is? Then what would you do? Would you ask him out?”
“Well, no”
“And what if he isn’t? Would you stop talking to him, stop being his friend?”
“no, I guess not”
“So Why?’
“Well, I would just feel better”
But the truth was then, and the truth is now, that our faith is in the One who knows. And we know His plan is good. And we can “feel better” knowing that His plan is perfect, and at the end of it all, we will rest with Him and know that His way was right.

Nothing about David’s waiting was easy. But in those waiting times, we must draw close to God and He will draw close to us. Meditate on His promises. Trust His heart. Surround yourself with people who support the vision God gave you and enlist them to join you in prayer. Jonathon partnered with David. He bore his burdens. We are called to bear one another’s burdens. Is there someone in your life for whom you are doing this? Are you inviting someone in your life to do this for you?

David did not go it alone. He sought council, made a plan, took one step at a time. His present looked nothing like the future he was promised, but he persevered.

I pray that during our waiting times, we will feel God’s presence even stronger, and lean into Him, cling to His promises, and not lose hope! I pray for guidance for that next step, and patience when there are no steps to take.  And I pray that He would send us a Jonathon to go to extreme lengths to bear our burdens, as we seek to be a Jonathon to someone else! Amen!

One thought on “I Samuel 20- The Waiting Game

  1. OMG – I just LOVE the picture!!! – (OK – I know I'm not supposed to post that kind of comments here.) My problem isn't waiting – it's worrying!! I KNOW that “All things work for good to those who trust in Him” (or something like that) – so WHY do I worry?? That's my prayer for 2014 – to not worry so much!!


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