Festivus, Florida, and Fighting for Faith

I just can’t believe this is happening and no one is doing anything. First, can we talk about this supposed war on Christmas. Oh c’mon, of course there is no war on Christmas. Those silly Christians, always crying about something. I mean, yes, we have removed the actual word “Christmas” from every public event known to man. And yes, children singing Christmas carols in schools, well that is not ok.  School’s now have holiday trees ( I am sorry, but what other holiday uses a tree this time of year??) Choirs sing “Winter Concerts.” And on and on it goes. But War on Christmas!! Ha! What a joke! There is no war because they say there isn’t, and laugh, and condescend, and mock things that they haven’t studied, and don’t understand. And they think they can legislate away the power of God. But I am sorry. It’s not going to happen.

Oh, and speaking of mocking, remind me again what happens when people mock Muhammad? Oh yes, our president denounces   publicly, any video that would make fun of Islam or Muhammad.

But what is he going to say about what is happening at the state capitol in Florida? Because I am really steaming. You see, this holiday, this Christmas time, is not just about a baby. It is about the day love came down, in the form of a man who would voluntarily give his life a way in such a way that his bloodied body could not be recognized as human. This was done for us, in our sinful state. So, yes, when someone makes such an open mockery of the savior that bled and died on a cross for all the world to see, and it’s not headline news in a country where the large majority check the “Christian” box, I am so confused. How is it that our savior and his sacrifice are  being so maligned officially! OFFICIALLY! On the State Capital, MY state capital. Oh yeah, I am yelling. I don’t know what else to do? I am Sicilian. My blood is pumping.

How do I make my point. Ok, so imagine your brother, son, daughter, sister, mother, someone you love with every fiber of your being, every molecule, your entire DNA calls their name. Imagine this person dove head first onto a grenade that would have destroyed the entire world. Now imagine it is a few years later, and there is a statue of your loved one, erected in the marketplace. What would your response be if on the anniversary of their birthday, nay, the whole month that you remembered their birthday, someone peed on the statue. Every day. And no one stopped them? Really, how would you keep from pulling your hair out? No, really, I am looking for suggestions, because my hands are on my hair…well, when I am not typing they are on my hair, ready to pull.

Maybe you haven’t seen this, but God help us, this is what happens when Christians sit back and do nothing! Last year, in Deerfield Beach, miles away, an atheist man erected a beer can pole to celebrate a fake holiday created on a T.V. show, right next to the nativity scene, commemorating the birth of a savior. But apparently it wasn’t a big deal. He didn’t face much opposition, yeah, we, locally, did nothing except shake our heads. So this year he upped the ante. This year he went to the Florida State Capitol and erected this same beer can pole there. But that’s not all. Another group has a spaghetti statue also for their fake religion. Make no mistake about it. Theirs are not real religions. (The fact that I even have to say that…..it’s too much) They are merely attempting to mock and ridicule, the One I love. On the other hand, Jesus Christ, he is real.. There is no debate. He walked this earth. And real live atheists who have actually studied historical documents have been convinced that yes, He not only lived and died, but he rose, and lives today.

 I am not hear to argue with atheists who have no faith in God. I am not hear to convince agnostics who just aren’t sure. I am hear to beg with those who claim the name of Christ, that believe that He died and rose again to wake up and realize what is happening around us.
 Let’s review. An atheist in Deerfield is mad about the nativity. So he applies to put up a beer can pole. And since we have effectively removed the Bible as our country’s moral compass, we are left with no leg to stand on. You have to say yes to everything when you don’t stand for the one true thing. That happened last year. So what happens this year? The atheist moves on to higher territory, conquering the capital.

So what? some might say. Christmas is not about a plastic rendering of a baby on the firehouse lawn, right? True, yes, but that is not the point. They are counting on us doing nothing. The loud squeaky minority wheels have removed the Bible from schools. They have made teachers afraid of talking about the only true hope to hopeless students. They are daily, planning ways to keep us from proclaiming the name of Christ. That is the point. Little by little, they are destroying the foundation of our society, and all the while claiming it is getting better!

So what now. What do we do? First, always, is prayer. If you do this regularly, you and I could swap stories about how amazing prayer is, so let’s do it. There are souls that need Jesus, they need to hear his name sung in carols, they need to be reminded of the day He was born while walking in the mall, they need Him. And the enemy is fighting hard to keep Him from their thoughts. 

Secondly, I, for one, am emailing Rick Scott, and I would urge you to do the same. Click here.
This is what I said. Feel free to save time and use my words, and edit where you see fit. 

“I was incredibly surprised and saddened to know that you would allow an angry atheist to erect a display that openly mocks the faith and beliefs that our country was founded on.  A beer can pole for a fake holiday is a disgrace. He has openly claimed that his purpose is to get the Nativity Scene out of there. He already succeeded with this plot in Deerfield Beach. Please explain how the President publicly denounced a video that made fun of Islam and their prophet, yet this blatant mockery was approved by you, a Republican and professed Christian, and receives no such condemnation from our president.Had I known that you could not stand up against the secularization attempts of one lone atheist, I would not have voted for you, and plan not to do so in the future.”

Thirdly, let people know. I googled and googled and googled, and mostly found short articles, either condoning and commending this total and admitted affront on our faith, or just mildly mentioning it. Please share this blog post and see how many people we can get to let the governor know that this is not ok.

Lastly, we need to understand what this is about. This is not about legislating salvation. That could never happen. This is about doing everything in our power to keep the environment in our country open to people hearing the gospel of Christ without whom nothing matters and all is lost. And without action, this will not always be the case, as we have daily proof.

11 thoughts on “Festivus, Florida, and Fighting for Faith

  1. No comments!? What!? Thank you for your courage. And the handy letter to the Governor! I love when activism is pre-assembled for me! I think we should also find the Festivus guy and send him some love. He needs a meal from you, Lauren.


  2. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, Lauren. UNBELIEVABLE.

    I also appreciate your response to the governor. Here is my email:

    “Would you please explain how a nativity display –a historical depiction of a federal holiday– is reason for your administration to approve other displays which are neither?
    A display should be in commemoration of a federal holiday being celebrated in December and have a basis in historical facts. As a Florida resident, it is both personally humiliating and an embarrassment to our state and nation that our state's capitol building would give a place of honor to a spaghetti monster and beer can pole alongside a Christmas display, which again, depicts is a Federal holiday, that takes place this month.”


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