Does the Bible need an update?



“The book is wrong” my math student proclaimed indignantly from the back of the room.

And just how did he come to this conclusion?

Well, the answer in the back of the book didn’t match his answer so of course the book was wrong.

Was it? No. Most likely he had made an error. Maybe it was a computational error, maybe he skipped a crucial step, or maybe he used a faulty method leading to a wrong conclusion.   But rather than redo the problem, ask someone who knew more, or dig deeper into the concepts, it was just easier to decide that the book needed to change. It needs an update.  While it’s possible that there may have been a typo in this math book regarding an inconsequential number, the fact remains that the essentials of the book, the math theorems, the math definitions have not changed.

We are living in a time where I hear this proclamation all the time.

The Book is wrong. It needs an update. The answers don’t match my feelings. But the book they speak of isn’t just a three year old math book put together by some pretty smart math guys. The Book they accuse of being outdated is the Word of God that has been proven true for over 2000 years.

Let’s go back to the math book for a minute. Imagine this scene with me. My student, Tony, raises his hand in Algebra class and with certainty declares, “the book is wrong.” Compliantly,  I check it out, look at his work, and point out his procedural error and try to move on with class. “No,” he insists, the book is wrong.  I like my way better, it makes sense to me.” Assuming he really wants truth, I call in the head of the math department to try to further explain these concepts to him, but to no avail.
“No,” Tony continues. “I want to divide one side of the equation by 2 and divide the other side by 4.  I know your outdated theorems say that I have to divide both sides by the same number to keep the equation equal, but that was then, this is now. It is equal because I say it is equal. I am going to divide only one side of the equation by 2 and I declare that both sides are equal. Those math laws work for you, but they don’t apply to me.”

Do you see how ridiculous it is for an algebra student to debate the veracity of math laws with a someone who has studied math and all of the complexities of math for longer then said student has been alive?  No, these laws are not up for debate. They have already been vetted with rigorous proofs for hundreds of years by the greatest math minds of our time.

Likewise, the Bible has been proven true. It’s standards have been set for thousands of years.  So if you want to start changing laws and standards established by God, and proven throughout history, you better have more sound reasoning than “it works for me.”
Psalm 119:160 The sum of your word is truth, and every one of your righteous rules endures forever.

********P.S. for the answer to the question “how come you Christians decide to follow some laws in the Old Testament but not others”  look at this link for a complete and exhaustive answer.

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