October 2012–The joy of not knowing.

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways,
And My thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 58:9

I hate not knowing. I blame my father! Hell hath no fury like my dad at the end of a show that displays those 3 words “to be continued.” I blame my mother. Christmas and birthday gifts were money. No surprise there.  I need to know. And now please. And thanks to google, I really can know almost anything right now! Gone are the days of that Ol’ phrase “I wonder what. (fill in the blank)” Nowadays that antiquated question is quickly answered with “google it.”. Wonder no longer. The winner of a reality show? Got it. The value of any house anywhere? Look it up. The day my child will be born? Plan it! But the question remains, is this always the best or most satisfying way? I believe that there is something to be said for wondering and discovering. God knows this. We want a plan written in the sand. “God!” we plead, “tell me, is he the one? Is this the job? Is this the house? Will i ever……I just wish it was written out in black and white.” But have you ever watched a movie knowing the ending? It’s just.not.the.same. Not as exciting. But have you ever watched a movie with someone that does know the ending? Just when you can’t take it anymore, you beg them “please, just tell me they end up together” or “please, just tell me they make it out alive.” the person who has seen the movie becomes your lifeline, your anchor. You are connected to them for hope. Because.they.know. God knows we need that connection to Him like a plant needs connection to the soil, like a baby needs connection to its mother. We need to stay connected to Him to survive, to thrive. And in His sovereign wisdom, He devised ways for us to see that we need Him. So stay connected, trust His love for you, hold on, and enjoy His story for you…………….to.be.continued.

disclaimer: for the record (and for my mom) I love cards with money in them……I don’t always need to be surprised 🙂

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