This is not my first post.

Ok, technically this is my first blog post. But I have been blogging to a few friends and my husband for some time now. You see, I have a lot of passions. I have a lot of opinions. But I do not like confrontation. Most don’t. I am most. And whenever I find myself in the middle of one of those situations, my stomach turns non stop until its over. Fully over.

I never liked roller coasters. I can’t even go on a swing without my stomach doing a little dance. (I know, that is so embarrassing.) My first roller coaster and every one after that I just get so nervous on the way up those stupidly slow ascents to the big drop. I promise myself I will not go on anymore. Why do I do this to myself? It’s so awful. This is the last time. Some people love roller coasters. They scream all the way down. I envy those people. I couldn’t scream. Ever. I don’t know the science behind it. All I know is that no noise comes out of my mouth. None. But for the sake of camaraderie, or some other noble cause, I keep doing it. And I could really do without it.

Did you know Newton felt the same way? Not about roller coasters, but about confrontation. You see every time he put out a new postulate or came up with a corollary, someone challenged him. And it got personal. And he hated it. He summed it up like this “….for I see a man must either resolve to put out nothing new, or to become a slave to defend it.”  He finally vowed never to publish anything on science again, and it is said that this detrimentally slowed down progress in England for almost a hundred years!

 Ok, let’s be clear. I know that I am not Newton, and my decision to blog or not to blog will not alter the course of an entire country. But I can point to so many times in my life when my path was altered by a new perspective someone was bold enough to share with me. And I am grateful, eternally grateful to those that stood at the crossroad of uncomfortable and easy and decided to speak truth into my life. I can also think of decisions I made when people that knew better stood next to me said nothing. So I am going to say something. I pray with all that is in me that I will not say anything that would not line up with the Word of God or with who He has called me to be as His disciple, a wife, mommy, daughter, and sister and friend. That is my only prayer.

Warning. I will make grammatical errors.

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